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How to Set a Print Area in Excel (Plus Printing Tips)

Learn about how to set a print area in Excel and discover how to remove, clear and adjust print areas and solve other problems related to printing on Excel.

Career Development

Learn what dynamic pricing is and why it's important for businesses and find a step-by-step guide on how to implement it along with some helpful tips.

Career Development

Find out what a Tableau certification is and its importance in data analysis and visualisation and the careers that you can work in with these certifications.

Finding a Job

How to Use Indeed to Job Search During COVID-19

Use job search to find relevant jobs available now.

Here are some steps to consider taking whether you’re searching for a job, need gig work quickly or have been asked to work from home.

Don’t know much about remote work? You will soon. As many of us at home, discover what remote work is, what jobs are available, and how it can help you earn money during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

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How to Succeed in a Virtual Interview

Learn more about how to conduct a virtual job interview as a candidate or employer in the age of COVID-19

Answer this common interview question by stating your strength or weakness and following with added context and a specific story from your professional experience.

Follow-up email examples for saying thank you, checking in and staying in touch after a job interview.

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CVs & Cover Letters

Tips From a Recruiter: Standing Out to Hiring Managers During COVID-19

To stand out to hiring managers during this time, tailor your resume to include the most relevant information at the top.

Here are several ways to optimize your CV as you search for jobs during COVID-19.

Learn how to highlight 10 of the best skills that employers look for on your CV, how to choose between hard and soft skills, and more with Indeed Career Guide.

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Starting a New Job

How to Deal with Job Loss

Losing your job can be a devastating blow, but here are several ways to cope with the loss and move on to your next career search.

In this article, we discuss some unique challenges to starting a new job remotely and offer suggestions for how to approach this situation to find success.

This article provides Gen Zs with tips, specific to their interests and needs, to find success at work and includes expert advice from two business leaders.

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Pay & Salary

How To Negotiate Your Salary During COVID-19

In this article, we discuss why negotiating salary and benefits is still possible during COVID-19, how to find your professional value and tips for negotiating.

Get answers to all your expected salary questions, learn to negotiate with a potential employer and get the expected salary you deserve.

Learn how to negotiate your salary expectations in a CV, cover letter and interview with tips to help you maintain professionalism and emphasize your value.

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Career Development

Everything You Should Know About Working From Home

Working remote can be a challenging transition. Here are tips for staying healthy and productive while working from home.

How to be productive and respectful if you find yourself sharing workspace with your partner, spouse or roommates.

Amid COVID-19, are you suddenly working from home? Don’t panic - remote working doesn’t have to mean surrendering your productivity. Here are some proven, powerful tips to make you more focused than ever

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How to Reply to an Email to Confirm an Appointment (With Examples)

Learn how to reply to an email to confirm an appointment so you can keep your schedule organised, then review sample email replies that you can use as a guide.

Read 101 ways to say "thank you for your support," with an explanation of why this sentiment is important and examples categorised by situation and purpose.

Learn how to make a memorable self-introduction in an interview with our examples and tips.

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What Is a Semi-Structured Interview? Definition and Guide

Understand what a semi-structured interview is and when they take place, discover what to expect during the interview and learn tips that can help you prepare.

Learn about what makes a good job applicant, explore common skills attractive candidates have and find steps on how to make yourself a better job candidate.

Learn the answer to "How much does an aerospace engineer make?", explore ways to boost your earning potential and understand the skills required for this role.

Learn about the answer to the question "How much do teachers make?", know about the two types of teachers and explore how to earn more money as a teacher.

Understand why interviewers ask soft skill interview questions and review example answers to learn how to structure effective responses using the STAR method.

Discover a list of strategic interview questions to ask candidates that may help you find the right professional for a role and review sample responses.

Find out why it's important to say farewell when leaving work, discover tips for writing a goodbye email and learn how to prepare for your last day at work.

Find out the steps you can take when negotiating a raise and learn a few tips for responding when your employer says "yes" or "no" to your initial request.

Explore a list of 13 do's and don'ts for the first day at your new job to help you shape your behaviour and feel more confident when starting work at a new job.

Learn the answer to, 'how much does a computer system analyst make?', find steps for becoming one and review a list of essential skills for this role.

This article provides Gen Zs with tips, specific to their interests and needs, to find success at work and includes expert advice from two business leaders.

Losing your job can be a devastating blow, but here are several ways to cope with the loss and move on to your next career search.

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How to Write a Claims Processor Resume (With Tips)

Learn how to create a claims processor resume with this step-by-step guide, explore useful tips to improve your resume and find an example you can reference.

Learn the definition of welder resume skills, discover the list of essential skills to include in a resume and review an example of a competitive welder resume.

Find out what a public speaking resume is, how to write one with a template and an example and some tips to write an effective resume for public speaking jobs.

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