How To Create Acknowledgement of Receipt Emails (With Examples)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 26 June 2021

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All businesses involve transactions. Receipt of goods, receipt of services, offer for sale, money transfers and complaints are some of the essential transactional aspects of any business. After receiving information related to any such aspect, you send an acknowledgement receipt email to let the sender know about the receipt of information, goods or services and also to express your appreciation for a satisfactory transaction. In this article, we discuss how to write an acknowledgement of receipt email and share some examples that you can use for different situations.

What is an acknowledgement of receipt?

An individual or business sends an acknowledgement of receipt to another party or individual involved in the transaction to make them know that you have received the offer, demand, complaint, product or service. For example, if a candidate sends a CV to apply for a job to an employer, then it's a good practice if the employer sends a response acknowledging their application.

An acknowledgement receipt email is a professional courtesy that helps maintain fruitful business associations. When you send an acknowledgement email, you recognise the importance of your customer to your business.

How to write an acknowledgement of receipt email

The primary objective of an acknowledgement email is to confirm your reception of an important email. While its objective remains the same, the style and content can vary according to the situation. Here's a guide to help you write an acknowledgement of receipt email:

1. Address and acknowledge the sender

Begin the email by acknowledging the sender and expressing your gratitude towards the sender. For example, if your customer emails complaining about a product or service, your response should appear appreciative of their feedback rather than defensive. A simple response such as “Thank you, we've received your email” helps create a positive impression on the sender.

2. Determine the scope

While the length of your acknowledgement receipt email can be fairly brief, you might choose to include additional information to address certain situations. For example, when the sender raises an issue via email to you, you could elaborate on how you're working to fix the problem. It's important to create a logical format to present your information clearly.

3. Draft the email body

If you've already created an outline of your acknowledgement email, you could just refer to the relevant facts to draft the email. Focus on writing in a conversational tone with cohesive sentences rather than resorting to legal jargon or extremely formal content. Ensure that your addresses the sender's inquiry or concern.

Proofread your email multiple times to avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes, as any errors reflect poorly on your business. Remove all abstract terms and any references that may obscure the aim of your acknowledgement of receipt email.

4. Proper closing and sign-off

Just like any other business communication, an acknowledgement of receipt email should close professionally. It's important that your point of view, tone, style and format are consistent throughout the letter and readily connect with the reader. An email closing such as “Sincerely”, “Thank You” or "Best Regards" followed by your name is an ideal way to end an acknowledgement receipt email. For a more formal email, it's customary to endorse your official title or designation underneath your name.

Tips for drafting an acknowledgement of receipt email

Here are a few points to consider when writing an acknowledgement receipt email:

Send a time-bound response

The most important aspect is that you must send a time-bound reply. You can judge the efficiency and effectiveness of any business through their response to customer emails. In case of a complaint, any proficient business would promptly respond and resolve the complaint in a timely manner. If you receive an email that you cannot promptly attend to, then take the time to acknowledge the email and inform the sender about the approximate time expected to resolve the matter.

Appreciate the sender

Begin the acknowledgement receipt email with an appreciation for the sender. These simple acts go a long way in developing good business relationships. It also presents the humane side of business management.

Be specific and straightforward

Be direct while you acknowledge receipt email. It's important to write your statements clearly and logically. Be specific when addressing the matter at hand to ensure you don't miss out on any details.

Maintain a positive tone

You should respond to an email based on the information provided in the email. The information may be positive or negative. However, your acknowledgement receipt email should not reflect emotions of frustration or anger. Present your information in a polite and civil manner to convey that you respect the sender's point of view.

Acknowledgement receipt email examples

Here are a few examples that may be of help to you when writing your acknowledgement receipt emails:

A simple acknowledgement of receipt

In some situations, you might send a simple acknowledgement email to confirm that you've understood an important message. Here's an example:

Hello Ivy,

This is to confirm that I've received your email. As discussed, I look forward to receiving the consignment next month.

Feel free to reach out if you need any more information.

Best regards,

Rachel Lee
Business Development Associate
Maryland Trading

Business order acknowledgement of receipt email

You can send this type of acknowledgement of receipt email after a customer has placed an order for your products or services. Sometimes you might need more information before shipment or you might need to guide the customer on what to do next. Here's an example:

Dear Mrs Ling,

This is to confirm that your order has been received on 08/06/2021 and is currently under process. With this email, we are attaching the invoice for your order.

We will ship your order in five to seven business days. We will notify you of the status of the order transaction and if there are any unexpected delays.

Thanks again for your order. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial business relationship with you.


Pak Wong
Business Partner
Max Trading Company

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Service registration acknowledgement of receipt

You can send an acknowledgement of receipt email when a candidate registers for your service. You can use this opportunity to thank the person for registering and provide more details about the service. Here's an example:

Dear Mrs Lee,

Thank you for registering for our Data Analytics course. This email confirms our receipt of your registration fee and application form.

The course will run for two weeks from Monday to Friday, starting from July 1, 2021, and the venue will be Max Boardroom on the second floor. We expect every registrant to resume daily by 8:00 AM for the three weeks of the training. Please visit our website for further information.

We look forward to seeing you soon. Please feel free to reach out if you have any question.

Best regards,

Ivy Lang
Administrative Assistant
Max Learning Institute

Interview confirmation acknowledgement of receipt

When you get an email from a hiring manager confirming an interview, you can respond by stating that you appreciate the opportunity and are looking forward to meeting with them. Here's an example:

Dear Mr Tang,

Thank you for inviting me to interview for the position of Financial Analyst at Landmark company. I appreciate the opportunity and looking forward to meeting you on June 24, 2021, at 10 AM in your Central Street office.

Please let me know if you require any further information from my end prior to the interview.

Best Regards,
John Lee

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Job application acknowledgement of receipt

Managers and HR professionals send out this type of email to acknowledge the receipt of an application from prospective job seekers. Here's an example:

Dear Mr Pat Yu,

This is to acknowledge that your application for the Financial Analyst position in Landmark Corporation has been received on June 4, 2021. I have forwarded your resume to our human resource department.

As there are several applicants for this position, we will be short-listing the qualified candidates by June 20, 2021. If you have received no intimation by then, please email me to enquire about your application's status.

Thanks for your interest in Landmark Corporation. I wish you the very best during the selection process.

Best wishes,

Josh Yeung
Chief People Officer
Landmark Corporation

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