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Learning About Diversity And Inclusion: 10 Free Virtual Courses

Aug 25, 2020

By: Emma Esparza

Emma Esparza is a career coach at Indeed with experience as a recruiter, university career advisor and senior technical career coach. She is passionate about guiding all job seekers in their intersectional uniqueness towards a successful job search and fulfilling career.

When asked how to support traditionally underrepresented or marginalised groups, LaFawn Davis, Indeed’s Vice President of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging, says:

'The best work we can do is examine ourselves – all of us (now and always). We can listen and learn to make sure our actions in the workplace aren’t harming others'.

Davis emphasises the importance of doing the work to understand the causes and effects of intolerance, the experiences of those who are different from us and the necessity of educating ourselves. In this article, we’ll explore 10 free online resources you can use to learn about diversity and inclusion at work.

While some are tailored for HR managers to help build and lead diverse and inclusive teams, others are more general for anyone seeking to learn more about how to be a more inclusive team member at work. A few course descriptions also reference their usefulness for 'leaders' – it’s worth noting that leadership is a skill that anyone, not just managers, can learn and use to create inclusive environments. Also, many of the suggested courses take place over a period of several weeks and provide an opportunity to dig deep into the respective topic.

So whether you’re a manager or leader, or simply interested in learning more, these courses on diversity and inclusion can help build our understanding of diversity and inclusion for a better, stronger workplace.

Courses for everyone

Learn to develop your knowledge and understanding of diversity, and get tools to help you foster open environments that are welcome to all.

This course explores a contradiction of diversity: we have to see and hear differences in order to benefit from diversity, but seeing and hearing differences also heightens discriminating reflexes and can even lead to discrimination. This class aims to help you understand, identify and effectively address these dynamics.

Grovo offers a free sampling of their two to five-minute micro-courses covering topics like finding your unconscious bias, how to confront discrimination and learning why diversity is an asset. The Microlearning programme emphasises a 'build over time' approach to learning so you can incorporate small and gradual changes into your workflows.

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Courses for managers and leaders

Work toward gaining the strategies and tools to help you form, join and lead teams more effectively in this comprehensive specialisation programme. It includes courses on how to build diverse teams and avoid groupthink in addition to other classes related to culture, handling conflict and motivating colleagues.

This course aims to help you define diversity and understand how to use it to maximise team performance, innovation and creativity. Instruction also includes how to handle conflict and overcome common biases faced in diverse teams.

In this course, consider how teams are composed, why diverse teams (and workplaces) are important and management strategies for building productive teams.

Find out how to use specific approaches, frameworks and tools to communicate effectively as well as how that supports inclusive leadership. This course also covers strategies to create space for transparent and authentic communication, where people across differences feel safe to speak up and share ideas.

This course uses research and best practices in addition to stories from great leaders and everyday people to teach you how to develop and refine four key inclusive leadership skills: Empowerment, Accountability, Courage, and Humility, also known as the 'EACH' framework.