How To Wish Someone a Happy Retirement (With Examples)

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Published 30 August 2021

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Writing a message of appreciation after learning about a colleague's retirement lets them know how much their contributions have meant to you and your team. You can use this type of note to wish the recipient happiness in retirement, share memories and provide ways they can stay in touch. It's important to know how to write a thoughtful message on your own card or as a contribution to a group card. In this article, we discuss how to wish someone a happy retirement and provide examples of these types of messages.

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How to wish someone a happy retirement

Follow these steps on how to wish someone a happy retirement:

1. Open with congratulations and well wishes

The beginning of your message should congratulate the recipient on their retirement and offer best wishes for the future. You can state how much you will miss them, how you have appreciated working with and getting to know them and how you hope they enjoy retirement. You could also add a statement about the value of their contributions to the company.

2. Mention shared memories or common interests

Next, you can use your letter to share your memories or things the retiree did that you appreciate, such as how they always asked about your weekend. You can say that you will remember how kind they were or how that person made you feel each day. Taking the time to think of personal details shows respect and appreciation.

Consider bringing up projects you worked on together. You can explain what you learned from working with them and how you will always remember that time. List some of the retiree's best qualities, such as being loyal to others and a hard worker. Mention fun times you shared with them, such as when you went on a business trip together. Reminding the retiree of your good times together can show you appreciate the occasions you spent with them.

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3. Consider discussing common interests

You may also talk about topics that are not related to work to show the retiree that you value and plan to continue your relationship. You could suggest a plan to do something together in the future, such as going to a sporting event. Talking about what you have in common lets the person know you enjoyed their company outside of the work setting.

4. Wish them well in the future

End your message by wishing the retiree well in the future. If you know what the retiree is doing next, consider personalising your message based on that. For example, you may wish them good luck on their new business venture or tell them you hope they enjoy spending more time with their family. If you're not sure what they're doing next, you may keep your good wishes simple.

5. Verify your information

It's important that your message feels as personal as possible, so make sure the facts you have in the letter are accurate. If you say you have enjoyed working with them for the past 15 years, make sure that number is correct. Verify any other details you include. You want them to leave with a good impression of you and the relationship you had.

6. Leave your contact information

If you are close friends with the retiree, they may already have your personal information. However, if you would like to keep in touch with them in the future, make sure to give them your personal phone number and email instead of your current work information. This way, you can contact each other outside of the office. Leaving your personal information allows the person to reach out if they want to in the future.

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Examples of short retirement messages

Here are some examples of short happy retirement messages for you to review:

Simple retirement messages

If you want to contribute to a retirement card but didn't know the person well, some examples of retirement messages you could write include:

  • Happy retirement, Kenneth! You deserve it.

  • Have a wonderful retirement, Janet!

  • Congratulations on your retirement! You've earned it.

  • Wishing you a healthy and happy retirement! Enjoy.

  • Sending happy retirement wishes your way, Wong!

  • Wishing you good health and fortune for the future.

  • Enjoy your retirement, Alice!

Retirement messages for your manager

Writing a retirement message to your manager is an opportunity to express how they affected your career, what you learned from them and how it will be difficult for the company to replace them. Some examples of what to write include:

  • Best of luck with your new journey, Yan! It's been a pleasure to work for you.

  • Good luck with your next chapter, Oliver! We'll miss you around here.

  • Congratulations on your retirement, Audrey! I'm lucky I had you as my manager.

  • Enjoy your retirement, Choi! Thanks for everything you taught me over the years.

  • Can't believe you're leaving, Felicity! Enjoy every day of your well-deserved retirement.

  • Thank you for everything you taught me at Golden Sun Marketing! I'll miss you, Mak.

  • Wishing you all the best on your new business venture and retirement, Ian!"

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Retirement messages for a coworker

Here are some examples of retirement messages you could write for a co-worker whom you know well:

  • Enjoy your new adventure! We'll miss you at Hong Kong Daily News.

  • It won't be the same around here without you, Athena. Best wishes for the next chapter of your life!

  • It was a pleasure to work with you, Victor. Congratulations on your retirement!

  • Fiona, you're one of the hardest workers I've had the pleasure of working with. Enjoy your much-deserved retirement!

  • I loved working with you for the last 10 years, Catherine. Best wishes on your retirement!

  • Congratulations on your retirement, Jade! I'll miss seeing you every day.

  • Thank you for being a mentor to me. Congratulations on your retirement, Caleb!

Examples of long retirement messages

You may decide to write your own card, letter or email to someone who's retiring. This provides you with more space to share your good wishes. Here are some examples of long happy retirement messages for you to review:

Long retirement message for your manager

Here's an example of a longer retirement message you may send to your manager:

Dear Hannah,

Congratulations on your retirement! It's hard for me to imagine Market Financial Services without you as my manager, but I'm so excited about your new journey. I know our entire team will miss you, but I wanted to express how much I've enjoyed working with you. You've been an incredible mentor to me and I hope to be a leader like you someday.

I'll reflect on our time working together fondly. I always admired how you worked alongside all of us during the busiest times of the year, sharing your fair portion of the work with us. Also, I always appreciated how you made each of us our own treat on our birthdays so that we'd feel special. I'll miss discussing basketball scores with you. Let's hope our team continues to do well this year!

Again, thank you for your time and guidance over the years. I hope you have a happy, healthy and relaxing retirement. Please keep in touch. I would love to get together, perhaps even for me to treat you to a dessert on your birthday this year.

All the best,

Rachel Lau
2234 5678

Long retirement message for your coworker

Here's an example of a longer retirement message you may send to a coworker:

Dear Darren,

Congratulations on your retirement! Everyone in the marketing department will miss you, but I will especially miss working with you on projects. I've learned a great deal from you over the years, and I'm fortunate to have had you as a mentor. You're so creative and a natural leader and I know our clients will miss having you on their accounts, too.

I will look back at our time working together fondly. In fact, I consider our botanical gardens project a highlight of my career. While I know no one can replace you, I hope to be a leader like you to the new people in our department. I plan on carrying on your tradition of going out for lunch whenever we start a new project. However, I'll miss splitting the appetiser with you!

I wish you the best in your future endeavours, and I hope you enjoy your retirement. Please keep in touch and I hope you continue to join us for department game nights.

Best wishes,

Kevin Chan
2233 4455

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