How to Write a Business Reference Letter (with Examples)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 3 January 2022

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A business reference letter is a recommendation written on behalf of a professional or a company. People in your professional network may ask you to write a business reference letter to help them secure a contract. Knowing how to structure and what to include in a business reference letter can help you support and grow your professional network. In this article, we discuss how to write a business reference letter with tips on what to include and sample letters and a template for you to reference.

How to write a business reference letter

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to write a business reference letter:

1. Understand the request

If someone has requested you to write a business reference letter, it's important to gather all the relevant information. Ensure you're aware of the recipient of the letter. If it's a company, consider researching its background, such as its industry and business model. You can browse their website or read any news articles related to their products, services and values. Once you've gathered some information, it's important to consider if you're qualified to provide a recommendation.

2. Add a letterhead

If you're sending a formal letter and representing an organisation, consider including the organisation's official letterhead. This can add authenticity to the recommendation letter. You might need permission to use an official letterhead, so consider asking a human resources professional before sending your letter.

3. Write an introduction

As this is a formal business letter, it's important to include your own address and the recipient's address in the letterhead. If the requestor has provided a specific individual, address the letter directly to them using Dear. You may use To whom it may concern if there isn't a specific recipient. Also, consider including your contact information so the company can contact you for more information.

If you're emailing your recommendation letter, you can exclude the letterhead and start the email with a formal greeting. For an email, it's also important to write a clear subject line, so it catches the recipient's attention immediately. An example of an informative subject line is Recommendation of [Company Name].

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4. Draft your content

Start the letter with an introduction by describing who you are, your role, the organisation and your relationship with the requestor. After introducing yourself, explain the purpose of the letter. For example, you can include the specific products and services of the requestor that you've used previously. Provide any examples of how the requestor benefited you. For example, if the requestor is a marketing agency, you can talk about how much a marketing campaign they ran boosted the sales of your employer.

Consider including detailed information, such as specific strategies that were employed and what solutions they came up with for certain challenges. Ask the requestor if you can mention specific people from their organisation you worked with, as this can add a more personal touch to the letter. Detailed examples can help the reader trust your recommendation.

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5. Write a conclusion

Start your last paragraph with a closing statement that reaffirms the quality of the requestor's products and services. Ensure you thank the reader for their time and consideration. End the last paragraph by informing the reader that they can contact you for more information. Conclude the letter with a professional salutation, such as Regards, Sincerely or Thank you. You can also consider adding your signature at the end, as this can make the letter feel more genuine.

Tips on writing a business reference letter

Here are some tips to consider when writing a business reference letter:

Consider the length

There aren't any mandatory requirements about the ideal length of a reference letter, but most writers try to consolidate their information onto one page. The short length helps keep the content clear and concise. Consider using only four paragraphs, with each paragraph having a specific purpose.

Review your tone

The tone of the letter typically depends on the reader. If you're familiar with the recipient, you can consider using a more casual tone. As this is a professional letter, it's beneficial to keep the overall tone formal.

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Seek feedback

Seeking feedback can help improve the quality of the letter, increasing the chances of it leaving a positive impression on the reader. Consider asking the requestor to proofread your letter to ensure you've promoted the correct products and services. If you're representing an organisation, you can consider asking coworkers in the human resources department to give you some feedback on the letter to ensure you're representing the organisation accurately.

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Add keywords

Utilising keywords can help your letter better highlight the company or person you're recommending. Consider asking the requestor for any keywords they want to include. You can also use your research on the recipient to identify keywords related to the recipient.

Business reference letter template

Here's a simple template that you can use to write your own business reference letter:

[Your name]
[Your phone number]
[Your email address]
[Your position]
[Your company]


[Recipient's name]
[Recipient's company]
[Recipient's address]

Dear [Recipient],

[The opening line is where you state the purpose of the letter and introduce yourself and the business you're recommending.]

[Enter details of any favourable interactions you've had with the business, describe the outcome of these interactions and explain why you want to recommend them.]

[Include some specific examples of how their product or service benefited you.]

[Confirm the recommendation of the company, thank the reader for their time and invite the recipient of the letter to contact you for more information.]


[Your name]

Sample business reference letters

Here are some sample letters you can use as reference:

Recommending a company

Here's a sample business reference letter for a company:

George Chen
Director of Operations
5555 5555
Omni Quest
459 Queen's Road

4 December 2021

Vanessa Lee
Office Manager
Venue Tech Management
33 Lockhart Road

Subject: Letter of Recommendation

Dear Ms Lee,

I'm George Chen, director of operations for Omni Quest. Omni Quest is a retail company that supplies a wide range of nutritional supplements to athletes. Omni Quest contracted Gym Builders to construct an indoor athletic facility. I'm extremely delighted to recommend to Venue Tech Management the exemplary quality services of Gym Builders for your new project.

You may find that compared to other contractors in the market, the quality of services and pricing options of Gym Builders are among the best. They're professional in both their work and their communication. Gym Builders completed the construction of our indoor athletic facility within the deadline, and it was of the highest quality. All our employees regularly praise the quality of the facility.

During the construction of the facility, there were significant design changes requested by our stakeholders. Gym Builders were able to accommodate all of our changes with no delays. They always responded within three hours of any communication and were easily reachable by phone.

I strongly recommend Gym Builders for the construction of your new facility. Thanks for taking the time to read and consider this letter and feel free to contact me for more information.


George Chen

Recommending an individual

Here's a sample business reference letter for an individual:

Patrick Liu
Marketing Manager
2222 2222
Snack Fever

10 November 2021

Peter Lam
Director of Marketing
Vitality Health
33 Lockhart Road

Dear Mr Lam,

I'm Patrick Liu, the marketing manager at Snack Fever. It's with great confidence that I am writing to recommend the services of Brian Cha. Brian was a coworker when we were both working at Top Advertising. When Brian became an independent IT consultant, I recommended him for the revamp of Snack Fever's website.

Brain's preliminary designs impressed Snack Fever's stakeholders in the first meeting, and they immediately hired him. Due to the launch of certain products, the deadline for the website had to be earlier and Brian met the tighter timeline with no issues. Brian incorporated any feedback we provided within 24 hours.

The website was a tremendous success as our web traffic increased by over 50% within the first month. After one year, our sales had also increased by up to 20%. I've also recommended Brian to our partner companies and have only received positive feedback.

I'm happy to recommend his services to Vitality Health and I appreciate your time and consideration of this letter. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Patrick Liu

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