How to Write a Job Transfer Request (With Examples)

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Published 6 December 2021

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If you want to relocate to a new city, and you have the option to continue working for your employer, you can write and submit a job transfer request. While you may already be aware of why your transfer may benefit you, it's helpful to inform your employer. A well-written job transfer request can help you formally state your reasons for wanting a transfer and can improve the chances of it getting accepted. In this article, we discuss how to write a formal job transfer request and explore a few examples to guide you in creating your own.

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How to write a job transfer request

If you're planning to move to a new location and want to know how to write a job transfer request, you can follow these steps:

1. State your intent

Your transfer request can begin by introducing the reason for the letter and when you want to make the transfer. This lets the employer know that you're interested in shifting work locations without changing employers. By setting the tone of the letter as straightforward, you may omit any chances of excess details in the rest of the letter.

2. Detail your background

To support your intent, add some details about your current position, department and the major successes you've had while working for the company. This provides some background information to your employer. Explain how your skills and experience can transfer to the new role.

3. Give some details

When requesting a transfer, it's best to include only one reason without getting too detailed. Over-explaining your reason can complicate your request. Just saying I want to relocate because I'm eager to explore my skills further at the other facility or The other location offers me better working and residential incentives is typically sufficient.

It's best to keep the focus on your employer and how they can benefit from this transfer. After explaining your reason for the transfer, you can list details about the positive effects it can provide your company. For instance, you can state, Joining the sales department at our North Point location will allow me to apply my proven conversion skills to their customer base. I believe the company will see a similar rise in profits there if you approve this transfer.

4. Finish off with gratitude

Consider ending your letter with a line or two dedicated to gratitude. Thanking your managers, coworkers and the company speaks to your professionalism and character. It can also help you maintain relationships with your existing managers.

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What are some good reasons to include in a job transfer request?

Including a plausible reason may help your employer make a more informed decision. If your reasons are also to the benefit of your employer, it may compel them to consider approving your request. The following list includes some common and strong reasons to include in your job transfer request:

New opportunities

Sometimes internal transfers happen because a different facility may offer better opportunities and working conditions. You can consider being honest with your employer by letting them know that the other facility in your selected relocation area offers you better working incentives. Another variation of this reason can be that the other facility has the department you're looking to shift into because you're interested in pursuing a different career path.

Better suitability

You might consider a transfer if you seek a role that accommodates your needs better and helps you feel satisfied with your work. You can state this reason to let your employer know you want to continue working with them, but just in a place that suits your circumstances and career goals better. Ensure you focus on the positives of the new role and location while avoiding being negative about your current situation.

Sudden changes

Sudden life changes, such as having a child, are sometimes unexpected and may result in people choosing to move to a new location to find better housing or education opportunities. Your employer may be more understanding of your circumstances if you state your sudden life change clearly. You may consider writing your reason in a clear and concise manner, by avoiding unnecessary personal details, so the tone of the letter is more professional.

Challenging environment

If you're seeking an invigorating work environment, you can use this reason by explaining to your employer that you want to shift to a new work environment to explore new challenges and opportunities. You may highlight your desire to expand your knowledge and skill set while remaining with the company. Consider providing some examples of any opportunities available at the new location.

Improved employee status

A transfer to a new location can help you explore your undiscovered skills. You can also experience how a different branch of the same company functions, which can increase your overall knowledge of your employer. This improves your position in the company and helps you become a valued employee. Employers may favour this reason for a transfer request since it may benefit the company and you can continue providing your specialised skills and services to them.

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Tips for writing a professional transfer letter request

A transfer letter is very similar to a cover letter, as it describes your skills and experience and how they best fit a new position. Follow the tips below to improve the potential of your transfer letter:

  • Be concise and clear. You can keep the letter concise by stating the purpose of the letter right away along with your reason for relocation. Avoiding too many details keeps the transfer request letter professional and straightforward.

  • Explain the company's benefit. It's important to describe how your transfer can benefit the company, as it makes your request more likely to be approved. Explaining that you can devote more time and effort in the new location adds an incentive for the employer as well.

  • Praise the company. It's considered professional to praise your employer for their guidance and the opportunities. It shows employee loyalty and adds to your character.

  • Avoid bragging or complaining. Keeping your transfer request free from complaints about work conditions or coworkers and boasts may improve the chances of your transfer being approved.

  • Be honest. By being honest, you can strengthen your future position at the new location. By avoiding any false or incorrect information, your employer can make a more informed decision.

Transfer request letter samples

A properly written transfer request can increase your chances of it getting approved by your employer. You can use the following examples to write your own:

Sample 1

22 July 2021
James Chi
HR Manager
Brightside Co.
China Ins Building, Hong Kong

Dear Mr. Chi,

I am writing to you to request a transfer for my current position in Brightside Co. from my current branch to the Brightside Co. branch in Ho Man Tin. Some sudden changes regarding my personal life have resulted in me choosing to relocate. I have been with Brightside Co. for three years as an assistant sales manager and while I have enjoyed my time in this branch under your supervision, I believe my new circumstances are better suited to the Ho Man Tin branch.

I find it in the best interests of the company and myself to shift operations rather than quit my position. Brightside Co. has contributed a great deal to my career and I would like to continue contributing my skills and services to Brightside Co.

I ask for your understanding and I'm willing to work for another 30 days at my current branch to train my replacement. I am very grateful for my time here and all the guidance that you and the team have provided me with. Please accept my thanks for considering my request as I hope to hear a positive response from you.
Warm regards,
Liu Wang
Assistant Sales Manager

Sample 2

10 October 2021
Chun Hoi
Administrative Director
Easton Publishing
North Point, Hong Kong

Dear Mr. Hoi,

I am writing to you for consideration for my transfer request to the Tai O branch of Easton Publishing. I saw an advertisement for the position of creative director of that branch and would like to relocate there for better work opportunities.

I believe that my experience as a content manager in this branch has considerably developed my skills and made me an excellent candidate for the position. After working for this company for 6 years within different capacities, such as acting project manager and chief editor, the skills I have gained will help me meet the responsibilities of the creative director role.

I deeply value all my time, experience and memories with this department and would like to discover the new opportunities waiting for me in this company in the Tai O branch. I am available if you need any help in finding and training my replacement. I have attached my updated resume for your review. I thank you for your time and consideration.
Mary Yuen
Content Manager

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