4 Interview Invitation Email Examples To Make an Impression

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 30 June 2021

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Once you've sorted through the resumes of suitable candidates for a job vacancy, you can begin your preparations for an interview with your most promising candidates. Hiring managers often use interview invitation emails to schedule interviews with suitable candidates. A well-drafted invitation email can create an exceptional experience for your candidates and help you make more placements. In this article, we discuss what an interview invitation email is, how to write one and share examples of invitation emails that you can use for different interviews.

What is an interview invitation email?

An interview invitation email is a professional and personalised correspondence sent by the recruiter to a job candidate, inviting them for a formal discussion about the job position. You can invite the candidate for a telephone, virtual or physical interview.

While there are no fundamental rules for the interview invitation email format, it must contain all the necessary information required for a candidate. In this email, you need to share details about the date, time, duration, and other relevant information with the candidate. This can help them decide if they should agree to the interview and what preparations they need to make in advance.

Why are interview scheduling emails important?

A personal and professional interview invitation email creates a positive impression in the minds of job candidates. In general, this email serves to provide candidates with important information so that they can be well-prepared for the interview process. When you send a scheduling email, it improves the candidate's experience as they see it as a sign of respect. Finally, clear communication ensures everyone stays on the same page.

How to write an interview invitation email

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to write an interview invitation email:

1. Include an appropriate subject line

It's important to ensure that your candidate recognises your invitation to interview email so that it doesn't get deleted or archived. Including a suitable subject line is an easy way to grab their attention. You can use a subject line such as "Invitation to interview with Max Group" or "Interview Invitation: Business Analyst position".

2. Express gratitude to the candidate for applying

Expressing gratitude to your potential interviewee is a great way to start the email. You can thank them for the effort they've taken to apply for your position.

3. Invite the candidate for an interview

Inform the candidate that your team has selected them for the next step in the recruitment cycle, which can be an interview. Ensure to be specific about the interview type, whether it's a virtual meeting, phone interview or physical meeting. Use a professional yet friendly and warm tone when writing to prospective candidates.

4. Share all essential interview details

This is the most important section of your interview invitation email, therefore, you want to ensure that you don't miss out on any important details. Here's a list of details that you can include in the email:

  • Basic details. Include key details such as your company's name, the job position that the candidate is interviewing for and topics that you intend to cover during the interview.

  • Date and time. Hiring managers often suggest a few potential time slots or ask the candidate to specify a convenient time for the interview.

  • Location. In case of a physical meeting, mention the complete office address, including the floor and office number. You can also send a screenshot or link to a map to make it easier for the candidate to identify your office location. In case of virtual meetings, send your personal meeting URL before the actual interview date.

  • Interviewer's detail. Include details about the hiring manager and the name and position of the interviewers. This can help the candidate prepare for the interview by researching company background and looking up details on professional social networks.

  • Interview format. You may also want to provide details on the interview structure, whether it's a one-to-one discussion, panel interview or presentation. In case you're following a structured interview format, explain what the candidate should expect.

  • Duration of interview. Provide information about the average time for this type of interview so that the candidate can prepare accordingly.

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5. Request for confirmation

Clearly state that you expect a response to your interview invitation email. You can also provide a deadline by which the candidate should confirm if they're attending the interview. If required, you can send a reminder email a few days before the deadline.

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6. Conclude the email professionally

End your email on a positive note. Before sending the email, review the content for any formatting or typographical errors. Use a suitable email sign-off along with your name and position in the company.

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Examples of interview invitation emails

Here are some sample interview invitation emails that you can use based on your situation:

Interview invitation for a telephone interview

Here are two email examples for a telephone interview invitation:

Short, introductory email for a telephone interview

Here's an example of a short introductory email for a telephone interview:

Subject: Phone interview with Mer Company for the Paralegal position
Hi Pak,
Thank you for applying to Mer Company.
My name is Jenny Chan and I'm the HR manager at Mer Company. I would like to have a quick discussion over the phone about your application for the Paralegal role. I'd like to tell you more about Mer Company and get to know you better.
Can you let me know if you are available for a short introductory phone call early next week?
Looking forward to receiving your reply.
Kind regards,
Jenny Chan
HR Manager
Mer Group of Companies

Detailed invitation email for a telephone interview

Here's an example of a detailed invitation email for a telephone interview:

Subject: Interview for Financial Analyst position

Dear Amy,
Thank you for applying for the position of Financial Analyst.
We would like to invite you for an initial telephone interview with the head of our finance department, Mr Kenneth Lau.
Please note that this is an informal discussion to evaluate your suitability for the role. It also offers you an opportunity to ask any questions that you may have about the position.
I would really appreciate it if you can confirm whether you would accept our invitation by July 5. Once you have confirmed your attendance, I can send over a calendar invite with all details you may require.
Thank you for your application, and I look forward to receiving your response.
Best regards,
Pak Wong
Max Group of Companies

Interview invitation for a physical interview

Here's an example for a physical interview invitation email:

Subject: Invitation to interview with Max Group for Business Analyst position
Hi Kenny,
Thank you for applying to Max Group.
Your application for the Business Analyst position stood out to us and we would like to meet you at our office for an interview.
You will meet with our department head, Mr Paul Chan, and two of his team members. The interview will likely last for about 45 minutes. You'll have the chance to learn more about the position and get to know more about our company.
We would like to conduct the interview sometime this week. Please let me know which of the following time slots work for you and I can send over a confirmation email:

  • Tuesday 06/16, 3:30 p.m.

  • Wednesday 06/17, 10:30 a.m.

  • Friday 3/19, 5:30 p.m.

If any of these dates are inconvenient, please contact me by phone (+852-555-5555) or email (jenny@email.com) to arrange another appointment.
Our office is located at 34 Central St. You can also find an attached screenshot of our exact location.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,
Jenny Wong
Technical Recruiter
Max Group of Companies

Interview Invitation for virtual Interview

Here's an example for a virtual interview invitation email:

Subject: Social Media Manager Interview Invitation with Mer Company
Dear Ivy,
Thank you for your interest in our company.
We have received your application for the Social Media Manager position and would like to schedule a video interview to discuss the position details with you.
Can you let me know your availability for next week? Once we have a time scheduled, I'll send a calendar invitation to confirm the details, along with instructions for joining the call. I can also share a teleconference number if you encounter any technical issues on the day of the interview.
I would appreciate it if you can confirm if you would like to accept our invitation by 5 July.
Once again, thank you for applying for this amazing position, and I look forward to hearing from you.
Paul Chan
Recruiting Manager
Mer Company

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