How to Write a Letter of Certification of Employment

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 23 November 2021

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Certification of employment is an important document for any employee to verify information when applying for something. You can use the certificate to confirm that you work for a particular company and prove your contribution and performance during the job. Learning how to write an employment certification letter is significant to verify one's employment record. In this article, we discuss the basics of an employment certification letter with samples of how to write a formal letter.

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What is a letter of certification of employment?

A letter of certification of employment is a document to your employer that demonstrates your current employment status. If you're applying for a new job, you may request an employment letter to prove you were previously employed. In most cases, an employee writes an employment certificate request letter to request a certificate and the employer provides the employment certificate to certify that an employee worked at the company. Inside the certificate, they explain your responsibilities and designation within the organisation. You use this document when applying for a loan, obtaining a visa, opening an account, or a work permit.

An employment certificate shows the working history of a current or former employee. If you're no longer working at an organisation, the employer issues the certificate of employment upon request. It's a formal declaration after an employee has cleared with the company. Sometimes, you request the employment certificate to complete the requirements for employment with a new employer. Therefore, request a letter of certification from your previous employer to verify that you worked for them in the past. The only way to request it is by writing a letter to your employer.

Why request an employment certification letter?

There are many reasons to get an employment certificate. It's important because it presents proof of work. For example, it indicates the job title, position, job experience and actual value of the employee in the company. This letter mentions certain specific critical areas of information regarding your employment history. In most cases, your supervisor completes the employment certificate. Your potential employer may request this letter to verify your previous experience in the job field. Some government benefits, such as food stamps or welfare, may also request an employment certification letter.

You might request an employment certification letter when seeking a loan or completing an application to rent a house. Banks and financial lending companies also request an employment certification letter to know your current employment status and earnings. Someone in the business world can also use the employment certification letter to certify a percentage of ownership in a court.

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What to include in an employment certification letter

In this letter, include your job title and how long you've worked at the company. Indicate whether you work full-time or part-time and how much you earn during a pay period. Some third parties may also want specific information regarding your job duties and performance appraisals.

How to write an employment certification letter

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to write an employment certification letter:

1. Write the recipient's name

It's always crucial that you use the name of the recipient. However, if you don't know the recipient's name, then you can address their job title. This way, you can ensure that your letter reaches the relevant person.

2. Provide accurate information

Be specific with information, dates and titles. For example, provide accurate information for the certification to be of any use. For example, mention the particular date when you need the employment certificate by. This way, you can prevent delays on either end.

3. Include all the relevant supporting documents

Include any relevant supporting documents to prove that the information in the letter is accurate. Be specific and transparent, mentioning all the relevant details you want the certificate to include. You can say the vital specification that deserves acknowledgement and is relevant according to your purpose.

4. Be formal

Use a formal tone when writing this letter. State your point clearly and avoid any unnecessary details. This way, you can safeguard yourself against misunderstandings that might result in delays.

5. Show courtesy

Be respectful when writing the employment certificate letter. It's in your best interest to come across as a courteous professional. Also, acknowledge and respect that the recipient might have a busy schedule and delay releasing the certificate. The most important thing is to elaborate on the requisite details needed in your certificate.

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How to request an employment certificate

A bank requires the certificate to provide proof that you're working and have an income. There are many formats to follow when writing a request letter of employment certificate. Here's a simple guide detailing the important elements you need to include when requesting an employment certificate in writing:

1. Include a salutation

If you're writing to someone you know, ensure you address him or her by his or her first name. This applies when you know the recipient by name and position. If it's someone you don't know by name, you may write to whom it may concern.

2. Write an introduction

After the salutation, the first sentence of your letter is a brief introduction of whom you are and why you're writing the letter. Mention who you are, the job title, and the purpose of writing them now.

3. Give details of what you need

This is an introductory letter for official purposes. Therefore, include vital details in the letter. Here are some of the critical pieces of information to be included in your employment certificate:

  • the employee number

  • job title

  • name of your supervisor

  • address and contact information of the company

  • details of the contract if it exists

  • the salary you earn

  • the period you've been working in the organisation

Mention these details to help the recipient in writing the employer's certificate. Therefore, note any other specifications needed for your letter because it helps process the document. You can also request that the letter be printed on letterhead depending on its purpose and eventual use. Providing vague or incomplete directives may delay the process.

4. Mention the time you expect the certificate

The recipient needs to know the specific time when you need the document. This information helps them prepare and submit it within the required timelines. For example, indicate whether an electronic signature and a PDF emailed copy are acceptable or whether you need the document to be hand-signed and a hard copy printed.

5. Follow up

If you don't get the certificate on time, you can follow up. It's essential to follow up to know whether the recipient forgot about it or got busy. If you need the letter for a timed-sensitive use, follow up to ensure you don't miss your deadline.

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Employment certificate template

Here's a sample template for writing an employment certification letter:

Dear [Recipient],

I [full name] would like to request a certificate of employment. I have worked in your [company name] for a period of [duration] as a [designation/job title].

I need this employment certificate for [state the purpose]. I highly appreciate it if you grant me this request by [the day you need the certificate].

Thank you.

Respectfully yours,



Employment certificate example

Based on the sample, we have provided an example of an employment certificate letter for a loan. It verifies that an employee has an authentic job and pay package. The employee's company issues the certificate, which is presented to the bank for a loan. Here's the example:

General Manager

Sixtus Company

100 Star Street,

Wan Chai, Hong Kong

15 November 2021

Dear Sir/Madam,

I write this letter with due reverence to solicit an employment certificate. I have worked as a project promoter in the quality assurance section of the company since November 5, 2015. During the past six years, I have enjoyed every opportunity to work and learn from influential people. I am immensely thankful for the services the company has continuously provided during my time here.

I have decided to buy a new house for my family and I am applying for a housing loan from the bank. For that reason, I need an employment certificate to facilitate my loan application process. I would be grateful if I received it before January 1, 2022.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Jo Star

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