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How To Create a New Employee Announcement (With Examples)

Jul 6, 2021

Every company hires new employees to fill their open positions. When your company hires a new employee, creating an effective onboarding process makes them feel comfortable and validates their decision to join your firm. One of the preliminary steps of the onboarding process is to create a new employee announcement, which you may need to do if you work in HR or with the newly hired employee. In this article, we help you draft an impactful employee announcement by explaining the key components with a template and example for your guidance.

Why is a new employee announcement important?

New employee announcements are an important step in the onboarding process. This allows you to welcome new employees to the organisation publicly and graciously. In addition, an effective employee announcement sets the tone for the employee's career within your company. When the new employee feels welcome and special as they begin their journey with your company, they start their new job with a positive outlook and attitude.

These new employee announcements can provide all the crucial information team members require. They help them assimilate with the firm and make them feel comfortable. The announcement can be as simple as announcing the new hire's name, team and starting date. You can also go a step ahead and include their background, experience or a couple of fun facts about them. When you share multiple points of interest about the new employee, it enables your current employees to find common shared interests with the new hire and makes it easier for them to connect.

How to create a new employee announcement

You can distribute these new employee announcement memos in several ways. You can share it as an email, bulletin board, physical memo, newsletter or even share it on the internal communication platform that your firm uses regularly. It's a common practice to send these types of communications in an email because it allows your employees to interact with the new hire right away. Always remember to tag the new hire as a recipient in the announcement email.

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you draft a new employee announcement email:

1. Use a clear subject line

Start your new employee announcement email with a clear and concise subject line. This gives your recipients an idea about the content of your email and prevents them from deleting or archiving the message by mistake.

2. Define the purpose of the email

Next, explain your purpose for emailing them. The reader should understand why you're making an introduction, therefore, provide them with all the necessary details about the new employee. You can also begin your email congratulating and welcoming the new hire.

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3. Introduce and share details about the new hire

Start this section by mentioning the new employee's name. Then you can share details about their role and the department they are joining. If you intend to write a detailed welcome note, you can also include their work experience and key achievements in their previous position. To keep things more interesting, you can even include their interests or share some fun facts about the new employee. This can encourage your employees to start a conversation with them over shared interests.

You can also share a photo of the new hire along with the announcement email to make it easier for your employees to recall the name and details of the new person. However, remember to discuss the email content with the new hire before sending it out, especially if you intend to write a detailed announcement about them.

4. Encourage others to welcome the new hire

Encourage your current employees to welcome the new hire and make them feel comfortable. You can also provide details about the new hire's work location and how other employees can reach out to them. This bridges the communication gap and ensures that the new employee feels welcomed right from their first day. It helps reaffirm their decision to join your firm.

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5. Proper sign-off and closing

Just like any other business communication, your new employee announcement should also close professionally. You can use appropriate email sign-offs, such as sincerely or warm regards, followed by your full name and job title to close the email.

Finally, remember to proofread your email before sending it out. Review the content for any formatting or typographical errors. An error-free email can encourage others to take your correspondence more seriously.

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New employee announcement template

You can use this basic template to guide you when you're drafting a new employee announcement email:

Dear team,
I'm pleased to announce that [new employee's full name] will join [company name] as a [job title] in [department or team name] on [add a starting date if required].
[New Employee's first name] comes to us with [number] years of experience from [add most recent employment if required]. He/she graduated from [University or college name or names].

[New employee name] is incredibly talented in [interest or skill]. [Include a personal detail or fun fact.] [Include accolade if applicable.]
Please give [new employee name] a warm welcome! [If applicable, explain the employee's work location and a way to greet them in person or virtually.]

[New employee picture, if applicable]

Warm regards,

[Your name]
[Your job title]
[Your department]

New employee announcement examples

Here are some new employee announcement email examples:

Simple new employee announcement

Here's an example of a simple announcement email:

Subject: Welcome Pak Wong to the Marketing team!

Dear Red Ribbon team members,

I am happy to announce that Pak Wong will join Red Ribbon as an Associate Marketing Manager in the marketing department on Wednesday, July 15.

Pak comes to us as a marketing manager for a major social media company with over ten years of experience. Pak graduated from UML College. He's incredibly talented in maintaining long-term client relationships. Pak is also an avid traveller, always looking for new experiences and food joints to explore.

Please join me in extending a warm welcome to Pak.

Jenny Chan
Human Resources Manager

Short new employee announcement

Here's an example of a short announcement email:

Dear team,

I am glad to announce that Ivy Chan will be joining Wide Technology as a technical recruiter in the human resources department starting Wednesday, July 10.

Ivy comes to us from Label Communication with over three years of experience. She graduated from University of Hong Kong with a degree in psychology and is exceptionally skilled in headhunting and talent acquisition. When not at work, Ivy enjoys spending time with her two sons, King and Paul.

Please give her a warm welcome and remember to leave her a note on our internal communication system.

Best regards,
Jimmy Lau
Head of Human Resources

Detailed new employee announcement listing the background and experience

Here's a detailed employee announcement with details such as background and experience:

Subject: Welcome Paul Ho to Max Technology Solutions

Dear staff,

I'm pleased to let you know that Paul Ho has accepted our job offer and will join the team as a project manager on July 1. We are sure that he will add another layer of success to our project management team.

Paul has worked at two other technology firms over the past ten years, bringing a wealth of knowledge about project management to our company. Additionally, he's also PMP (Project Management Professional), CPM (Certified Project Manager) and CSM (Certified Scrum Master) certified. He is experienced in both Agile and Scrum methodology and will lead our team's Agile efforts next quarter. Paul has a degree from University of Hong Kong, where he majored in Computer Science Engineering.

He'll work with the head of the IT department, John Lee, who will serve as his official mentor. You will find Paul in the office right next to John's on the second floor. I've also attached a picture of Paul so that you can greet him when you see him around.

In his spare time, Paul loves cooking and trying out new recipes. He is also an avid traveller, always looking for new experiences.

Please join me in welcoming Paul Ho to Max Technology Solutions. Our team has organised a company-wide meeting on July 1 at 2 pm to welcome Paul. Please feel free to drop by the seminar hall on the second floor to introduce yourself to Paul.

Once again, please join me in welcoming Paul Ho to Max Technology Solutions!

Best regards,
Jenny Chan
Director of Technology

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