How to Write a Resignation Letter (With Examples)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 27 May 2021

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If you're considering leaving your current job, you may be wondering how you can politely tell your employer you are about to quit your job and resign. When resigning from a job, it is vital to maintain an upbeat attitude and remain positive throughout the process. Your letter should not be negative, as that could harm the relationship between you and your employer, and you may want them to write a letter of reference for you in the future. In this article, we will guide you through the process of writing a resignation letter in Hong Kong.

Why is it important to write a resignation letter?

Knowing how to write a resignation letter is important because most companies in Hong Kong consider resignation letters a professional and standard way of resigning from a job. Employees resign from their positions from time to time, so resignation is part of the career development process.

If you have taken a new opportunity at a different company, it's crucial to maintain your professionalism by writing to your employer with grace and decorum about your departure. Your new employer may ask your old employer about your relationship with them. Writing a resignation letter is one way to build your character and personality, allowing your employers to see you as a responsible and professional individual.

The top reasons why you need to write a resignation letter include:

  • Resignation letters are formal documents that prove that you left your old employer properly.

  • By writing a courteous and professional letter, you are informing the company beforehand about your plan to move, which allows their human resource team to adjust appropriately and organise their teams as they prepare for your replacement.

  • If you are an employee with a managerial position, it is crucial to inform the company early enough through formal writing because this enables the company to arrange for your succession.

  • Resignation letters are documents that allow you to express your gratitude for all the skills and experience you have learned from your employer.

  • Resigning properly allows you to add your old employer to your reference contact list.

  • In your career development journey, it is important to keep an excellent reputation, and a nicely written letter can help you keep an outstanding record at every company you work for.

  • By writing a professional resignation letter, you may be able to return to your former employer if a new opportunity arises.

How to write a resignation letter

Knowing what exactly to include in a resignation letter allows you to keep the message straightforward and to the point. Below are the items to include in your letter of resignation when working with a Hong Kong employer:


You should align the header at the top left of the letter. The header should contain the following information:

  • Date: The date sits at the top of the letter and represents the date you present the letter to your boss.

  • Your boss' name, title and address: Right below the date, insert the name of your boss, their title and the organisation's address.

Correct placement of the header and proper formatting makes it professional. Remember to include the salutation right at the bottom of the header.


Within the first paragraph, highlight your existing position to facilitate the transition process. If you are working in a large corporation, it might be necessary to inform your department to allow the human resource team to streamline workflows when you leave.

Intent to resign

In your first paragraph, state that you want to resign. Word it clearly and professionally. Remember to be polite and use courteous language to portray your remorse for having to resign. You can express that you'd like to work with your team in the future, if you'd like.

Example: "I would like to inform you I am resigning from the position of [job title] with [company's name] on [date]."

Reasons for resignation

While it is not a must to mention your reasons for leaving a job, it is always respectful to highlight your reasons for resignation. Don't be vague if you decide to include this information. Be straight to the point and give your reason. Whether you are relocating or moving to another industry, do not disparage your employer. Write your letter with positive language and optimism.

Example: "It has been a pleasure working with you, but I must resign because [your specific reason of resignation]. It was not an easy decision to make, but I have decided to resign."

The day you'll be leaving

You need to provide information regarding the last day you'll attend work. This section should include details about things you might need to complete before exiting the workplace. In some organisations, managers require you to fill a clearance form, which allows you to hand over all equipment, tools and information belonging to the organisation. In some companies, especially if you were working in a managerial position, you may be required to take part in the transition process.

A thank you

Appreciate everyone, your teammates, your boss and the management for the time and opportunity the organisation gave you. Expressing your gratitude can create a positive environment for you for the remaining time you will be in the organisation.

Example: "I would like to thank you for the opportunities and support that I received from the time I began working at [company's name]. I appreciate my colleagues in the [department name], your guidance and everyone else in this organisation for their consistent support."

Ability to assist with transition

Managers and team leaders are critical in streamlining workflows in all organisations. If you know that you hold a position that may present challenges to the organisation when you exit, help make the transition process easy if you can.

Example: "I understand that the position of [your current position] is pivotal in the operations of this organisation. I am open and willing to take part in streamlining the transition process."

Negotiations for any remaining holidays

Usually, most Hong Kong firms are required to pay annual leave compensation if the employee has remaining annual leave before resignation. Before any negotiations, read your employment contract carefully to check if you are eligible for any compensation. You can confirm with the personnel department any issues regarding compensation to avoid any confusion.

Resignation letter examples

Consider these resignation letter samples to give you an idea of how you can write a straightforward and clear message:

Example 1

Mr. Chao
Head of the marketing department
Fars Limited

Dear Mr. Chao,

Please accept this letter as a formal resignation from my position as the assistant sales manager at Fars Limited, effective one month from 01/01/2021.

I would like to move to Kowloon, where I will attend to my aging parents. I am grateful for the immense opportunities of growth and development Fars Limited provided me. This was not a simple decision for me to make, as the seven years I have been in this company have been extremely rewarding.

Year over year, I have seen the sales department achieve monumental milestones and would like that to continue even as I move out from the company. Therefore, I would like to assist with the transition duties so that the sales process continues to function after my departure.

It has been a pleasure working with you and the rest of the marketing teams. I wish you, the sales department and Fars Limited all the best. I hope we will keep in touch in our professional circles.

Yours sincerely,
Faye Chow

Example 2

Mr. Leong
Head of the personnel department
Changdong Foam Corporation

Dear Leong,

I would like to inform you I am resigning from the position of operations personnel for the product development department for Changdong Foam Corporation, effective January 25, 2021.

The growth and professional development I have received over the years at Changdong Foam Corporation has been monumental and will play a crucial role in my career growth. My time and work in the company's operations have been both exciting and replete with learning experiences. I appreciate everyone and everything this company has done for me.

Thank you so much for giving me the chance to take part in product design and development. It has been an exceptional experience working with my colleagues and I would have liked to spend more time with them.

Before the due date, I will facilitate the transition process and hand over all tools of work on time. Please let me know of anything that will make this process smoother and easier.

Yours sincerely,
Jason Chan

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