How to Write an Apprenticeship Cover Letter (With Example)

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Published 1 November 2021

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If you're pursuing apprenticeships, you may write a cover letter as part of the application process. This type of cover letter may differ from a traditional cover letter for employment in a professional position. Learning about how to write this type of cover letter may help you during such application processes. In this article, we discuss what an apprenticeship cover letter is, provide a list of steps for writing one and give a template and example to help you write one.

What is an apprenticeship cover letter?

An apprenticeship cover letter is a document that you write when seeking to enter into an apprenticeship program. This letter may succinctly introduce you to the recipient and typically offers a description of qualifications, experience, skills and goals. A cover letter may also answer questions about what type of position you're seeking.

How to write a cover letter for an apprenticeship

Here's a list of steps you can follow to help you write an apprentice cover letter:

1. Research the businesses

Researching the business or company you're applying to can provide you with excellent information to help you tailor your application and cover letter and possibly give you the name of a professional in the company you can address. Directly addressing an individual by name in your cover letter is a great way to grab their attention immediately and help make your apprenticeship application more noticeable.

Researching the business can also help you discover recent news about the company that you can mention in your cover letter. For example, if a company recently celebrated a major anniversary, consider congratulating them for their accomplishment in one of your cover letter's paragraphs.

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2. Tailor to a specific company

When writing your application letter for an apprenticeship, it's essential that you tailor your letter to the exact company that you're applying to. You can do this by including information about the company in your cover letter. Additionally, try to find out the name of the company representative with which you may interact. Addressing your cover letter to a specific person helps guarantee their attention and thus may increase their likelihood of reading your application.

3. Begin your cover letter with a strong opening

A strong opening can help draw the employer's attention to your cover letter right away. Using a strong opening helps make your cover letter more noticeable and helps it stand out from other applications. Include a brief introduction about yourself, your skills and the reason why you're writing. Tell them what position you're applying for, if applicable.

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4. Use action verbs

Using action verbs helps give your cover letter a stronger tone and makes it more interesting for the employer to read. Action verbs are words that refer to actual actions carried out by the person describing them. For example, use words like write rather than describe when describing your skills because write connotes activity or work.

5. Highlight relevant skills

Listing relevant skills using action verbs can help demonstrate to the employer that you have the skills that they're hoping candidates possess. If you don't have experience in a particular skill, it's okay to speak about your willingness to learn the skill if selected as an apprentice. For example, if you mention that you're willing to learn accounting, if the employer asks you for this skill, it may be an opportunity for you to jump into the role of an assistant accountant.

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6. Mention any positive qualities you possess

You may highlight any positive qualities that may stand out to employers. For example, if you're applying for an apprenticeship position in chemistry, make sure to mention your good sense of direction or your ability to follow directions. Highlighting certain qualities also helps show the employers that you're a well-rounded individual and may help them choose to interview you over other candidates.

7. Describe relevant education

Include your level of education and academic history in your cover letter for an apprentice to demonstrate your dedication to learning new things, possibly including information about specific courses that match a company's needs. For example, if you're applying to a company that requires retraining and upgrading of existing employees for their beta team, mention your interest in the beta team and clarify how your education may benefit the company.

8. Address gaps in work experience

If you don't have much work experience, you may mention this in your cover letter. It may help the employer understand why you're interested in gaining experience from their apprenticeship. This can also be a great opportunity to show the employer that you have the determination to succeed and a dedication to learning new skills.

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9. Ask questions

You may consider including questions at the end of your cover letter that direct the employer to contact you. By asking questions, it shows that you're interested in connecting with the business and its management team. This also helps show your interest in learning more about the company and their needs.

10. Write a strong conclusion

A strong conclusion helps end your cover letter on a solid note that leaves the employer with a positive view of you. Make sure to include any contact information so they know how to contact you. You may also include your availability for an interview.

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Template for an apprentice cover letter

Here's a template you can use to help you write an apprentice cover letter:


[The first paragraph can be an introduction that describes who you are and why you're contacting the individual. This can also be a great place to add a brief explanation as to why you're passionate about the apprenticeship with a reason unique to you and your experience.]

[The second paragraph can be a more in-depth description of why you're excited about the apprentice opportunity and why you want to apprentice at this specific company. Give distinct examples and describe certain aspects of the company that you want to be a part of.]

[The third paragraph can be a discussion of your skills and experience in more detail. Using the apprenticeship job description, highlight specific experiences from past jobs or internships that may contribute to your work at the specific company or business. This paragraph can also be a great opportunity to describe your skill set with a quick bullet point list.]

[The last paragraph can include one last brief statement about your passion for the apprenticeship and how you can apply your skills to the company. It can also be important to thank them for their time.]

[Closing statement],

[Your name]

Example of an apprentice cover letter

Using the above template, here's an example of an apprentice cover letter you can use to help you write your own:

Dear Mrs Ho,

My name is Eve Tam and I am writing to you regarding the electrician apprentice program currently being provided by Max Electric Company. I am very interested in continuing my knowledge and experience in electrical work, and I know that Max Electrical would be a great place to develop my occupational skills.

Over the years, I have witnessed Max Electric Company provide excellent service to its customers and apply the incredible expertise of its employees to many challenges, including the quick and effective work they produced during last months tropical storm. I know I could thrive in that working environment as I learn to hone my craft and techniques alongside some of the most skilled electricians in the area.

With my current electrical work experience, I know that I have a great start in my electrician education that can increase the speed of my learning and provide you with a functioning full-time employee in no time at all. Most recently, during my work at Rigley's Construction Company, I assisted the electricians onsite with wiring a building's main electrical systems. By the end of the job, I had a strong understanding of the wiring process, the safety regulations involved and how to identify and use special electrician tools. Some other major skills I can provide for your team include:

  • strong attention to detail

  • customer service capabilities

  • mechanical aptitude and understanding

  • ability to follow instructions clearly

I know that given the opportunity, Max Electric Company could provide me with the right training and experience for an electrician career and I, in return, could provide you with hard work and dedication to your business and its customers. I appreciate your time and would love to discuss this opportunity further with an interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Eve Tam

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