How to Write a Chef Resume (With Template and Examples)

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Published 31 May 2022

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Chefs are professionals in the culinary industry who prepare food and experiment with new flavours in the kitchen. Writing an excellent resume is an essential step for securing jobs within the food and beverage industry. It's beneficial to understand how to reference a job description and highlight any skills, awards and qualifications that match specified requirements when you're writing a resume. In this article, we show you how to create a chef resume and provide a template and examples to help you write your own.

What to include in a chef resume

A chef resume is a professional document used by entry-level and experienced chefs to gain employment in their field. A career as a chef can be highly rewarding for individuals interested in working with culinary art and food preparation. Several traits, skills, and competencies can help individuals succeed in this field. Learning how to emphasise essential chef skills on your resume may improve your chances of securing employment. Here's an overview of some sections you can include in your resume for a chef position:

  • contact details

  • professional summary

  • work experience

  • academic background

  • certifications and licences

  • skills

  • volunteer experience

  • professional achievements

  • references

How to create a chef resume

Here are some steps you can follow when creating a resume for jobs in a kitchen:

1. Provide your contact details

It's essential to include your full name and contact details in a prominent location, usually at the top of your resume. This includes your phone number and email address, and you can also mention your home address if employers request it in a job advertisement. Providing updated contact information is essential because this is how a hiring manager may contact you if they're interested in inviting you to an interview or asking any follow-up questions.

2. Include a professional summary

After your contact information, you can include a professional summary at the beginning of your resume. It offers prospective employers an overview of your relevant skills and experience. You can also include your professional goals to convey your ambition to hiring managers. Remember to keep this section around two to three lines long. Consider identifying any keywords mentioned in a job description that you can include in your summary. This can help show hiring managers you're an ideal candidate and encourage them to read the rest of your resume.

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3. Elaborate on your work experience

In your experience section, it's essential to list out all your previous employment positions. For each role you mention, include your title, the name of the employer and your period of employment. Using bullet points, list out your duties and responsibilities in each position. Consider including any achievements you may have earned or skills you gained in any of your previous roles. This information can help a hiring manager understand more about your proficiencies within the kitchen.

4. List down your skills

To demonstrate you have the right skills and knowledge required for a role and are well-qualified, consider including a targeted list of skills for a chef on your resume. You can review job postings to look for specific strengths or capabilities that employers commonly expect candidates to have. You can list your skills using bullet points, starting with the most relevant.

Consider including a variety of hard skills, such as proficiency with different kitchen equipment, and soft skills, such as communication and teamwork. You can also list which types of cuisine you're proficient in, as many employers expect candidates to be familiar with the cuisine a restaurant is serving.

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5. Focus on your education and certifications

While applying for an entry-level position, you can focus on your education to demonstrate your knowledge of food management, kitchen skills and culinary knowledge. Here are some specific details you can highlight in this section:

  • name of the course you attended

  • name of the institution you attended

  • year or dates of attendance

  • relevant coursework

  • participation in organisations or clubs

  • awards, certifications or achievements

  • relevant extracurricular activities and international exchange programmes

You can also include any related certifications or credentials you've earned outside of your formal education. List your qualifications reverse-chronologically from those most recently earned to the oldest.

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6. Proofread your resume

Before submitting your resume, carefully review it for grammatical, spelling and formatting errors. A well-written and formatted resume can show prospective employers that have strong pay attention to detail and care about submitting high-quality work. You can also ask trusted friends, colleagues, mentors or family members to review your resume and spot any errors that you may have missed. You can also try reading your resume out loud to identify any awkward language you may have used and ensure the resume has a consistent tone.

Resume template for chefs

Here's a resume template you can use to help you structure your resume:

[Contact number]
[Email address]

Professional summary:

[List two-three points that highlight your most significant skills and experience].

Employment history:

[Company name], [Job title]
[Employment period]

  • [Job responsibility]

  • [Job responsibility]

  • [Job responsibility]


[Degree earned], [Name of school], [Start date] - [End date]

  • [Name of certification]

  • [Name of certification]


  • [Relevant skills]

  • [Relevant skills]

  • [Relevant skills]

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Chef resume examples

Here are some example resumes you can reference when writing your own:

Example of an experienced chef's resume

Here's a sample resume of an experienced chef:

Alice Wong
5234-5213 |

Professional Summary

Detail-oriented and business savvy chef with 18+ years of experience regulating and optimising the flow of the kitchen, maintaining high-quality standards and motivating the kitchen staff members to perform with excellence consistently. Specialised in cooking casual and fine French and Italian cuisine.


The Peak Bar and Grill, Head Chef
May 2019–Current

  • spearheaded renovation of a 150+ seat luxury restaurant that raised the number of reservations by 70%

  • inspected completed dishes for quality before being served to restaurant guests

  • determined quality of food displays, followed certain steps to create a modern aesthetic and stayed updated with current industry trends

  • lead monthly meetings with kitchen staff, wait staff and management team to determine optimal utilisation of resources, tools and budget

Clearwater Bay restaurant, Sous Chef
May 2015–April 2019

  • monitored staff levels to ensure the restaurant had appropriate coverage at all times

  • teamed with fellow chefs over the course of seven months to modify and update menu items, which eventually reduced food costs by 35%

Crane & Jenkins, Chef de Partie

October 2003–February 2015- oversaw the suitable preparation of vegetables, sauces and meat dishes independently

  • operated within the restaurant's profit margins by tracking portion control and waste management

  • ensured each cooking station had the right amount of supplies

  • ensured total compliance with strict food safety and health regulations


Culinary Arts, Culinary Academy of Hong Kong, August 2003


  • Food Manager Certification

  • Certified Nutrition Specialist


Motivational management style, culinary expertise, expert-level knowledge of nutritional science, menu design, French and Italian cuisine

Example of a recent graduate chef's resume

Here's a sample resume of a recent graduate chef:

Paul Chan Wong
5124 1234 |

Professional Summary

Creative and precise chef with more than two years of experience overseeing kitchen activities and ensuring the proper food usage preparation techniques. Proficient at cooking traditional Chinese cuisine.


Black River Restaurant, Sous Chef
May 2019–Current

  • ensure food stock and general inventory are always up to code and replenished as required

  • address and defuse any issues or complaints internally or with restaurant guests, resulting in a guest satisfaction increase of 80%

  • assist in the design and preparation of menu items, ensuring that they are in alignment with food and labour rules

  • adhere to all safety and sanitary regulations and procedures in accordance with the law


Food Management, Culinary Academy of Hong Kong, March 2019


Customer service, inventory and kitchen management, culinary expertise, communication, attention to detail

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