Examples of Cover Letters for Fresh Graduates

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Published 26 June 2021

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Composing a dynamic cover letter for a fresh graduate is an important task as it helps you secure interest from recruiters despite your lack of work experience. When you're searching for your first full-time role, preparation is key. It helps you understand what recruiters are looking for and the steps successful candidates take to get their attention. In this article, we discuss what a young graduate cover letter is, why it's important and how to write a young graduate cover letter with examples for different situations.

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What is a fresh graduate cover letter?

A cover letter for a fresh graduate is a formal business letter to a recruiter introducing your skills and career ambitions. Its aim is to impress your potential employer in order to secure an interview with them, and therefore, your first full-time position. A fresh graduate cover letter differs from that of an experienced professional because it highlights your potential rather than your proven expertise. Since you don't have a lengthy work history to demonstrate the quality of your performance, recruiters focus on other aspects of your candidacy, such as your qualifications, skills, voluntary roles and interests.

You can think of a cover letter as an extension of your CV. In a CV, you state your competencies and experiences. Whereas in a cover letter, you explain your notable accomplishments with the aid of your unique personality.

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Why is a fresh graduate cover letter important?

Employers want to bring young minds into the workplace because they are future leaders. Thus, it's important to identify yourself as a young graduate in a cover letter so that recruiters can support you as you make your debut in the corporate world. Here are a few reasons explaining the importance of a fresh graduate cover letter:

Conveys your fresh knowledge

Employers want fresh graduates as they are in touch with modern theories and trends that can help boost an organisation's relevance. This is especially important in creative fields, such as marketing and design, where the goal is to maintain customer engagement and loyalty. In your cover letter, you can use your learning experiences to your advantage, illustrating your competency with technology and sharing your innovative ideas.

Shows your passion

Recruiters prefer professionals with enthusiasm over those that have the right qualifications. Often, these job candidates can persevere through challenges because of their internal drive. A cover letter is your first opportunity to convey your passion. Not only does it communicate your work ethic and motivation, but it also establishes a personal connection with the reader.

Defines your career ambitions

When recruiters hire a young graduate, they are taking a risk because it costs them time and money to train you up. By investing in you, they hope you would be of value to them in the future. You can describe your career ambitions in greater detail in a cover letter to show your commitment to your chosen profession. This way, recruiters can determine whether you align with their values and can assimilate with their company culture over the long term.

How to write a cover letter for a fresh graduate

Once you have narrowed down your job search to a few vacancies that capture your interest, the next step is to write a compelling cover letter. The following is a step-by-step guide for fresh graduates on how to write a cover letter:

1. Address the recipient with a formal greeting

If the job description doesn't mention your recipient's name, browse their company website or call their receptionist to get a formal introduction. Addressing your recruiter by name helps form a rapport with the reader. Next, open your cover letter with the formal greeting, "Dear Mr/Ms Last Name." However, if you can't find a specific person, you can use "Dear Hiring Manager" or "To Whom It May Concern" to greet them.

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2. Introduce your purpose to apply for a job with them

In your first sentence, state the job title and reference number of the position you intend to apply for. You may also mention where you came across the job posting to jog the recruiter's memory. Getting straight to the point in your introduction helps recruiters understand the importance of your correspondence. It encourages them to pay closer attention to your job application. If you're sending your cover letter via email, remember to also state the job title and reference number in the subject line.

3. Share your interest in the company

Use a sentence in your introduction to convey your genuine interest in the company to create a positive first impression. However, don't just state your enthusiasm, you can demonstrate it by sharing your research on the company and the projects that matter most to you. One example is, "Having reviewed the job description and your company's mission and values, I am eager to learn more."

4. Identify your most employable skills

An effective letter remains focused and relevant. While you might feel tempted into talking about several accomplishments, it's best to stick to just three. Review the job description for any key terms to help you decide on your most employable skills. Introduce these three skills, explain how they are relevant and expand upon them in your main body paragraphs.

5. Explain your academic background

When discussing your skills in a cover letter, it's essential to use examples to give recruiters a better mental picture of your performance. Since as a fresh graduate, you have little to no work experience, you can share experiences from your coursework and internship experiences instead.

6. Connect your application to their requirements

Always link your skills and examples to how they would benefit your potential employer. This way, you appear a better fit for the company. Recruiters tend to hire job candidates that share their values because they can integrate more seamlessly with their new co-workers. It also signifies greater job satisfaction in the long run.

7. Express gratitude and enthusiasm

In your conclusion, encourage the recipient to get back to you with a sentence, such as "I look forward to discussing my experience and qualifications further." Next, thank the recipient for taking the time to review your job application. Often, the hiring process can be tiresome, therefore expressing sincerity makes you appear gracious and impressive.

8. Close with your contact details and a formal salutation

Before you sign off, state your email address and direct contact number. Repeating this vital piece of information throughout your job application ensures recruiters don't hesitate from getting in touch with you. Any effort to make their jobs easier is an effort recruiters appreciate.

Lastly, close your email with a respectful salutation, such as "yours sincerely" or "kind regards." Adhering to business email etiquette exemplifies your communication skills and presents you as an esteemed professional.

Fresh graduate cover letter example

Here are a few cover letter examples for fresh graduates in different situations:

With experience

Here's a cover letter example for a fresh graduate with some experience:

Dear Mr Kong,

I am applying for the role of Marketing Coordinator at Greater Bay Financial Services. I originally came across the job posting on a professional networking site and was immediately intrigued by your employer's mission to help those in need.

During my time at the University of Hong Kong, I completed three marketing internships, one of which included assisting the marketing team of a financial advising group. I also worked as a student marketing assistant in the university's admissions department where I scheduled and updated marketing campaign calendars, wrote the admission ad copy and designed infographics to help prospective students and their families navigate financial aid options.

I believe that my experience marketing for financial services could help me meet and exceed expectations as Marketing Coordinator at your company.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Yours sincerely,
Ryan Tam

No experience

Here's a cover letter example for a fresh graduate with little to no experience:

Dear Hiring Manager,

My name is Jenny Chun, and I am applying for the 'Entry-Level Computer Programmer' position advertised on your company website. I've used several of your cybersecurity and data storage products over the years, and so I was very excited to hear about the position.

Throughout my four years at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, I developed a passion for computer programming and computer systems management. I have advanced knowledge in programming languages like C++, JavaScript, Python and SQL and continue to expand my coding experience by taking certification courses in my free time. While at CUHK, I also had the privilege to assist a professor and a few other computer science majors in performing a cybersecurity audit on the school's networks and developing code libraries for future auditors.

I believe I'm right for this position because I have excellent attention to detail and a passion for coding that inspires me to continue learning.

I am eager to speak with you further about the position.

Best regards,
Jenny Chun

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