CV Examples for Students (With Template)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated 22 November 2022 | Published 26 June 2021

Updated 22 November 2022

Published 26 June 2021

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Using a CV example for students can help you write a high-quality CV. This increases your chances of getting selected for an interview, especially in the highly competitive fresh graduate job market. Understanding how to write a CV for students is crucial as your first job lays the groundwork for your future employability and career trajectory. In this article, we explain what a CV example for students is and why it's important, describe how to write one, present a CV template for students and share CV examples for students.

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What is a CV example for students?

A CV example for students illustrates the key components of a CV to young professionals entering the workplace for the first time. When applying for an internship or a full-time role upon graduation, students can refer to CV examples to understand how successful job candidates present themselves to recruiters. Since students lack work experience, the style of their CV may differ slightly from others. Instead of sharing their knowledge, a student's goal is to present their potential to an employer. Here are some of the major sections a CV example for students would include:

  • Contact information

  • Personal summary

  • Academic background

  • Work history

  • Voluntary experience

  • Key skills

  • Hobbies and interests

  • Awards and recognitions

Why is a CV example for students important?

Consulting CV examples for students gives you a deep understanding of the content, format and language you need to use to appear competent in the eyes of a recruiter. As a student, making a positive impression with your CV is extremely important because employers intend to invest their time and resources to train you for a specific role. Thus, using a CV example as a reference ensures you appear professional. It tells the reader that they can depend on you to handle responsibility and perform to a high standard.

As a student, you might have little to no work experience to convince a recruiter of your abilities. Using a CV example for students gives you tips and ideas about how to overcome this challenge. For instance, you can use your other assets, such as any voluntary experience or extracurricular activities, to convey your character along with any transferrable skills. A CV example illustrates strategies you can employ to appear more qualified and prepared for a job.

How to write a CV for a student

Unlike a CV for experienced professionals, a CV for students includes additional sections to give recruiters a holistic view of your candidacy. Here are a few steps detailing how to write a CV for a student:

1. Review the job description for keywords

Once you narrow down your job search to a few positions that interest you, scan through their job descriptions to determine the characteristics and competencies the recruiter is looking for in their ideal candidate. These are usually the key phrases they emphases on several times. Next, examine your own skills and experiences to establish the most relevant information to share on your CV. The more in alignment you are with the company, the more attractive your job application looks.

2. Gather some research on the employer

Before you write your CV, browse your potential employer's website, social media pages and the latest news articles to familiarise yourself with their values and objectives. Recruiters can distinguish candidates who have done their research because they pay more attention to minor details in their CV. Research is essential because not only does it allow you to present yourself as a good fit for the company, but it prepares you for what's to come.

3. Write a captivating personal summary

Begin your CV with a short personal summary. Limit this section to three sentences or fewer, so that you dedicate more space to your education and work experience sections. Think of a personal summary as a glimpse into your most valuable skills and experiences. Your aim is to convince the reader to read your CV in greater detail. As a student, it's important to share your career ambitions in this section to show recruiters your vision and determination.

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4. Describe your academic background

As a student, recruiters are most interested in your education background. In this section, share the names of your qualifications, the institutions you studied in and the grades you achieved. If you're in the process of studying, share your latest examination results or your predicted grades. Include any descriptions of your extra circular activities, thesis studies or coursework that's relevant to the role.

5. Consider relevant experiences to include in your work history

Even if your part-time jobs, summer jobs and internships don't directly relate to the position you're applying for, include them in your work history section to show your work ethic. Under each entry, use examples to point out any transferrable skills that you can employ.

You can also include any relevant positions of responsibility in your work experience section. Voluntary roles or events that you led in school are both excellent examples of your ability to handle projects independently.

6. Include other sections to boost your application

To enhance your employability, consider including the following CV sections should they apply to your job application:

  • Voluntary experienced

  • Publications and research

  • Awards and recognitions

  • Core skills

  • Language skills

  • Hobbies and interests

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7. Proofread and edit your CV

Before you submit your CV, remember to proofread your CV for any grammatical or formatting errors. Make sure you use a consistent format and try to reword lengthy sentences to make your CV more impactful. Ask a close friend or family member for their opinion to get an idea of how other readers perceive your writing. Incorporate their advice to enhance the readability of your CV.

CV template for students

The following is a CV template that students can use to write their own CV:

Contact information

[Your full name]
[Contact address]
[Phone number]
[Email address]

Personal statement

[Introduce your most employable skills and career ambitions in two to three sentences]


[Name of qualification]
[Name of institution] | [Length of study]
[Final grade or current grade or predicted grade]

  • [Three to five bullets focused on your achievements or memberships]


[Include any papers you published or co-authored during your studies]
[Include the date of submission and the title of the publication]

Work history

[Job title]
[Name of employer]| [Dates of tenure]

  • [List three to five of your core responsibilities with examples and statistics to emphasise your success in the role]

Voluntary Experience

[Position title]
[Name of organisation]| [Dates of tenure]

  • [List three to five of your core responsibilities with examples and statistics to emphasise your success in the role]

Awards and recognitions

[Name of award]
[Name of awarding body] | [Date of award receipt]

Core skills

[List the important skills that you developed as a student]
[Include languages and proficiency.]

Hobbies and interests

[List your interests that apply to the role]

CV examples for students

Review the following CV examples for students in different situations:

CV example for fresh graduates

Here's a CV example for a fresh graduate with some work experience:

Jennifer Lam
100 Robinson Road, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong

Personal statement

A dedicated chemistry undergraduate with a year's experience in industrial chemistry. Specialised in condensate analysis, digital chromatography and the use of statistical tools. Looking to improve my knowledge of industrial chemistry research at the quality assurance department of your reputable organisation.


The University of Hong Kong
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
May 2018
GPA: 3.6

Awards and recognitions

  • Dean's scholarship of $20,000 per year


"Seismic effect of fractal exploration of oil on the American prairie: A meta-study," Submitted for review to the Undergraduate Journal of Industrial Chemistry. September 2019.

Work history

Assistant Treasurer
HKU Student Science Club | Sept 2019 to Sept 2020

  • Collected annual dues and issued receipts to club members

  • Participated in the club executive meetings

  • Compiled financial records of the club and recommended ways of raising funds

  • Referred students to appropriate administrative officials when they needed financial assistance

Research Assistant
The University of Hong Kong | June 2018 to August 2019

  • Assisted professors in research on fractal analytics

  • Helped postdoctoral researchers in data entry and analysis in SPSS

  • Conducted a field survey to determine the opinion of local communities on a gas project

Core skills

  • SPSS

  • Data analysis

  • Use of fractional distillation equipment

  • Fractal analytics

Hobbies and interests

  • Reading

  • Water sports

  • Mountaineering

CV example for high school student

Here's a CV example for a student with little to no work experience:

James Ho
20 Ho Man Tin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Personal statement

Hardworking high school student with three months' experience in a fast-food business. Looking to leverage my customer relations and communications skills to increase guests' satisfaction and boost revenues.


Chinese International School | 2017 to Present
Science Club: Assistant secretary

Employment History

Fine Dining Group | September 2020 to January 2021

  • Welcomed guests and patrons and seated them comfortably

  • Collected orders and worked with the kitchen staff for speedy and accurate delivery of guests' meals

  • Served foods and beverages

  • Cleaned the dining area and rearranged seating for special events

Volunteer experience

2019- Current

  • Promoted safety of visitors to Repulse Bay Beach

Core skills

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Cheerful attitude

  • Customer service

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