How to Write a Dog Walker Resume (With Template and Example)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 23 May 2022

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A dog walker is an individual that's hired to walk dogs for clients. Dog walkers follow agreed routes, provide food and water, dispose of waste and ensure the safety of their clients' dogs during walks. If you're an aspiring dog walker, it may benefit you to learn how to write a dog walking resume for the best results in your job search. In this article, we explain what a dog walker resume is and how to write one and provide a template and example resume you can refer to when you apply for dog walker roles.

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What is a dog walker resume?

A dog walker resume is a tailored document that dog walkers can use to search for jobs. Dog walkers help clients exercise their dogs. Clients may need dog walkers because they're too busy with their jobs or they may have travelled and are unable to walk their dogs. One of the most important qualities you can communicate in your resume for dog walkers is trustworthiness. Dog owners want to know that the person they're hiring to care for their dog is trustworthy and reliable. It's essential that your resume can assure clients they can trust you to take care of their dogs.

Other skills potential clients may look for include flexibility, time management, patience and communication. Because this is a job that may not require any formal education or qualifications, it's important to highlight your skills and personality to market yourself to clients.

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How to write a dog walker resume

You can use the steps below to guide you as you tailor your resume for your job search as a dog walker:

1. Choose an appropriate format

Clients looking for dog walkers usually don't look for extensive education qualifications or certifications. Consider choosing a resume format that's simple and highlights your skills and personality. Ensure to indicate your personal and contact information, including your name, phone number and email. This makes it easy for a client to identify and reach you. Many clients may also require your home address, as they may expect you to help them on short notice and want you to reside near them.

Consider making all your section headings bold and section your resume using lines to make it easy for potential employers to read your resume quickly. As this role isn't a very technical job and doesn't require extensive qualifications, consider keeping your resume within one page.

2. Select an appropriate resume type

Select the type of resume that highlights your most relevant information. Three commonly used resume formats are:

  • Combination resume: This resume type displays your experience, education and skills. It's a good option if you have a mix of relevant skills and experience.

  • Functional resume: In this type of resume, you can showcase your skills more prominently. If you're just starting as a dog walker, this is a more suitable resume format.

  • Chronological resume: This format shows your work experience and education in reverse chronological order. It's a great option if you've worked with a lot of clients.

3. Write your summary statement

This section allows you to summarise your personality to potential clients. You can explain the reasons for pursuing this job, such as needing extra income or wanting to interact with dogs. Consider keeping your summary within one to two sentences, as your clients may not have time to read through long resumes.

4. List your relevant skills and traits

For this particular job, employers often look for specific skills and traits in candidates. Highlighting aspects of your personality that makes you a great dog walker is a great way to secure clients. Dog owners are more likely to find you appealing if your resume gives them a sense that you're empathetic, friendly, patient and flexible.

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5. Describe your work experience

Showcase your work experience as a dog walker by listing all your previous clients. Add basic details for each client, such as the dates you worked and a brief description of the breed of dog, its temperament and your success in working with the pet. If you have other relevant experience, such as working at a pet clinic or daycare, these can often give you an advantage over other candidates. For any previous employment, you can list out your role, name of the employer and the period you worked there.

6. List any relevant education or certifications

Many employers don't require specific education qualifications from dog walking candidates. If you have any animal-related qualifications, you can consider highlighting them in this section. For example, you may have pet training certifications or you're studying to become a veterinarian.

7. List your character references

In this section, you can list your character references and their contact details to allow potential employers to reach out to them if they want to learn more about you. Character references can be former dog owners you've worked with, friends or authority figures in your community who can vouch for your trustworthiness. Many employers require references for additional assurance that they can trust you with their dog. If you included a list of clients, you can also consider adding their contact information in the experience section to keep your resume more concise.

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Resume template for a dog walker

You can use the following template to guide you as you draft your dog walking resume:

[First and last name]
[Your address] | [Phone number] | [Email address]

Summary statement

[Highlight your personality and work experience that relate directly to the role using one to two sentences]


[Hard or soft skills relevant to the role], [Hard or soft skills relevant to the role], [Hard or soft skills relevant to the role]

Work Experience

[Client] - [Dog breeds]
[Period employed]
[Client contact information]

  • [Duties you performed for client]

  • [Duties you performed for client]

  • [Duties you performed for client]

[Client] - [Dog breeds]
[Period employed]
[Client contact information]

  • [Duties you performed for client]

  • [Duties you performed for client]

  • [Duties you performed for client]

[Employer] - [Job title]
[Period employed]

  • [Daily responsibilities]

  • [Daily responsibilities]

  • [Daily responsibilities]


[Name of the academic institution, school or college you attended], [Title of the degree you earned]
[Date you graduated]

Sample resume for a dog walker

Here's a sample resume of a dog walker you can reference when you're writing your own:

Lee Wan Lin
Kwai Chung, New Territories | 5432 2341 |

Summary statement

Friendly and caring dog walker with one year of dog walking experience working with various dog breeds, including large dogs, and two years of experience assisting in a pet hospital. Seeking to take on a bigger client roster and give our furry friends a great exercise experience!

Key skills

Comfortable with all breeds and sizes of dogs, enthusiastic and friendly, flexible schedule, time management, physically fit, communication skills, attention to detail, organisational skills

Work experience

Small family in the Kwai Chung area - three corgis and two golden retrievers January 2021–present
Raymond Lai - 2153-5321

  • picked up dogs from client's home at four p.m. daily and took them on walks and exercise runs in the nearby dog park

  • cleaned all waste from the road or sidewalk

  • ensured physical safety of dogs at all times and that they didn't endanger any other animals or people in the vicinity

  • ensured the dogs had adequate food and water as per a schedule provided by the dog owners

  • managed five dogs attached to the hip with a belt on long walks

ABC Pet Hospital - Assistant
June 2020–present

  • assisted with walking resident dogs

  • cleaned up and disposed of dog waste in the hospital

  • helped feed resident dogs according to their specific diets


Lady Mary High School, Kwai Chung
Graduated in May 2020

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