How to Make a Designer Cover Letter (With Example)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 20 June 2022

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Designers may combine art and technology to communicate ideas with artistic and decorative effects. A cover letter may give potential clients and employers a concise professional introduction, highlighting your skills and what you may offer. Learning how to make an excellent designer cover letter is a crucial skill to have, not just for personal development but also in your professional life. In this article, we define what a designer cover letter is, explain how to make it, highlight skills you may list on the letter and provide a template plus a sample of a designer cover letter.

What is a designer cover letter?

A designer cover letter is a document that graphic designers and other creative professionals typically use to introduce themselves to potential employers when seeking for employment opportunities. These cover letters may introduce a reading audience into the candidate's work and communicate their particular design expertise. The cover letter is a professional reflection of the candidate's work, which allows them to educate employers on what employers need.

A designer cover letter may communicate how the candidate expects to contribute and why they qualify for that position. It may also include a summary of the candidate's educational experience and skills and a few references or samples of their work. The tone of a cover letter is usually professional and respectful.

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How to make a designer cover letter

Here are some steps you may follow to learn how to make a designer cover letter:

1. Include your contact details

Your contact details may allow employers to assess information about you. It may be essential for the hiring team because they're looking for a candidate with the relevant qualifications. Use your email address and telephone number to enable employers to reach you.

2. Address the employer

A well-written letter begins with addressing the employer or hiring team appropriately, depending on the type of project. For example, you may want to address a cover letter to the creative director or chief creative officer for an advertising position. You may also use a salutation of Dear Hiring Manager to achieve a formal and professional tone for the letter or mention the hiring manager's first and last name in the salutation. For example, Dear Mr John Cheng.

3. Introduce yourself

A designer cover letter may also be an opportunity to introduce yourself. You may describe your background, skills and experience in the letter. The cover letter provides a brief introduction to these qualifications. A hiring team may learn more about your interest and qualifications by reading your letter.

4. Explain why you're a good fit for the role

Another aspect of any cover letter is to explain why you're a good fit for the position. Besides highlighting your technical skills, a well-written cover letter may describe how your expertise can be helpful for solving problems or achieving company goals. You may also include how you work effectively with a team and contribute to the company in your role.

5. Talk about your skills

In addition to the information about your knowledge and experience, a good cover letter may also highlight your skills. A well-written cover letter may highlight both your technical and soft skills. You may also discuss how you can use them to fulfil your responsibilities. If you're presenting a designer cover letter for graphic design, talk about how you use different technologies such as photo editing and illustration software.

6. Include references and samples of your work

You may use a designer cover letter to introduce your past projects. If a client or employer wants to hire an artist, they may want to know what kind of work you've done before discussing the project further. A good portfolio of work may comprise several examples of previous graphics, diagrams and original artwork.

7. Conclude your cover letter

You may conclude your cover letter by thanking the employer for their time and consideration in reviewing your application. Say that you look forward to hearing from them in the future or looking forward to an opportunity for further discussion about the position. You may add a salutation, such as yours sincerely, at the end of the letter.

8. Proofread the cover letter

A well-written cover letter may sometimes include grammar errors and spelling mistakes. In addition to an excellent resume, a designer cover letter may set you apart from others. Make sure that your cover letter is unique by making corrections to the grammar and spelling in your cover letter before sending it to the employer.

Skills to include in designer cover letter

Here are some skills you may include when making a designer cover letter:


Employers want to know how you may help them overcome problems or improve their business. You can communicate your creative skills in a cover letter by showing examples of your work and how you overcame the problem with an original solution. The letter may also state how you used new ideas to achieve your goal.

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You may use organisational skills to present clear, concise information about yourself and your previous work experience. A summary of your background, experience and education may also show your organisation skills. Your cover letter may also explain how you manage multiple deadlines or coordinate with others to get a project done on time.


In addition to showing employers how you may overcome problems, describe how you work well with others and how your communication style is helpful for the team. A well-written cover letter communicates your ability to communicate effectively in written and oral forms. You may also want to state that you have good listening and interpersonal skills and a positive attitude.

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You can show problem-solving skills by citing examples of how you've solved specific problems or found solutions for work-related issues. A designer cover letter may include realistic deadlines for the project and may comprise the goals, scope of work and expected results. You may also want to have a sample of your work when applying for a job in a design firm or advertising company to show how you approached the problem.


Employers may want to know if you have project management skills or if you've been a leader of teams before. You may present your leadership skills in a cover letter by explaining how you lead, delegate and work with others in a cooperative environment. You may also describe your ability to motivate and inspire others. A good cover letter may show that you are a strong leader who helps promote teamwork and practical communication standards in a design firm or creative agency.

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Designer cover letter template

Here's a designer cover letter template:
[Your name]
[Your contact information]
[Your email address]

[Date of application]

Dear [Hiring manager name],

[The introductory paragraph introduces an excitement that you may have for the position. It also covers the job title and company you're applying to. In this paragraph, you may introduce yourself by stating how the job relates to your career.]

[The body paragraph may highlight your experience, qualifications and skills. Here you get to add details regarding your achievements, accomplishments in your career and any performance evaluations regarding your design work.]

[Your third paragraph discusses why you're the best candidate. Mention skills and how they were helpful to your previous organisation.]

[The concluding paragraph summarises your qualifications and allows you to express your gratitude. You may also choose to restate your interest in the role plus your availability and contact information.]

[Closing salutation],

[First and last name]

Designer cover letter example

Here's an example of a designer cover letter:

Shae Lee
9547 8368
Kowloon, Hong Kong

May 20, 2022

Dear Hiring Manager,

My name is Shae Lee and I'm writing to express my interest in your designer position. After reviewing your job posting, I feel my qualifications would be a good fit for this position.

My strong technical and computer skills may serve you well as a design manager. I am experienced in managing design teams and have successfully shown how my experience may help your company grow by encouraging productivity and quality of work. My creative use of technology has transformed business processes through innovative solutions at large companies such as OODB, BDB Worldwide and Street art Inc. Throughout my career, I have mastered vital principles for successful interaction between designers and clients.

I am looking to further my career by joining an agency where I may make a positive impact on a team and design and create projects that may affect clients. I am confident in my abilities to lead, motivate and inspire those around me.

It is interesting to learn more about this position, your company and its opportunities for my future career growth. I appreciate you taking the time to review my application. I hope to hear from you soon regarding possible interviews.

Shae Lee

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