How to Write a Mechanic Resume (With Steps and Example)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 23 May 2022

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Writing a great mechanic CV is essential in your job search journey. An effective CV can create a powerful first impression on prospective employers and help showcase your unique capabilities and skills. Knowing how to create a strong mechanic CV that references the job description and highlights skills, training, qualifications and certifications that meet the requirements, among other details, can enhance your application. In this article, we discuss what to include in a mechanic resume, list the seven steps to create an effective CV and share an example to help you draft your own CV.

What to include in a mechanic resume

A mechanic resume is a document used by entry-level and experienced mechanics to gain employment in this field. A career as a mechanic can be highly rewarding for individuals interested in working with automobiles, machinery or appliances. There are several traits, competencies and skills that can help individuals succeed in this field. Learning how to emphasise essential mechanic skills and qualifications on your CV may improve your chances of securing employment. While the contents of a mechanic CV depend entirely on your education, professional experiences and company requirements, many mechanic CV typically contains the following information:

  • full name and contact information

  • career objective or CV summary

  • details about your educational background

  • lists any work experiences you've had

  • highlight relevant skills and capabilities

When you're just beginning your career as a mechanic, you may not have much professional work experience, but you might include relevant skills and educational qualifications to prove your competence.

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How to write a mechanic resume

Here are detailed steps you can take to write a resume for a mechanic position:

1. Review the job description

It's essential to tailor your CV to the job requirements to help you showcase your skills and experience to the hiring manager. When applying for a particular job, read the job listing posted by the employer to understand how your skills and qualifications match the prospective role. Then, use the right keywords throughout your document to increase your chances of being invited for an interview.

2. Provide the right contact information

One of the first details in the CV is a contact information header to provide hiring managers with ways to contact you if they want to schedule a formal interview. Here are some items you may include in your contact header:

  • full name

  • professional email address that you check frequently

  • current phone number

You may also include your physical address. This information is generally not required for your CV unless your proximity to the job location is significant to the employer.

3. Include a CV summary or career objective

After listing your contact details, you may consider adding a brief career objective or CV summary statement highlighting your career goals and most vital skills. This section can include a few bullet points or statements. In your summary, focus on your most relevant skills and share what value addition you can contribute to the company. Then, echo these skills throughout other parts of your CV, such as in the skills or experience sections. Ideally, this section provides an overview of your experience making automobile repairs, your specific expertise and any other qualifications you possess.

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4. Highlight your education

While applying for an entry-level position, you can focus on your education to demonstrate your knowledge of various work-related concepts. Even if you're an experienced mechanic, you may highlight this information to give prospective employers an idea of your background. Here are details you may consider in this section:

  • name of the degree/diploma/training you obtained

  • name of the institution you attended

  • year or dates of attendance

  • relevant coursework

  • awards, certifications or achievements

  • relevant extracurricular activities

Remember to list your most recent qualification first, then work backwards chronologically to include the remaining details.

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5. Share your mechanic skills

After providing your educational details, you can focus on your skills and share what value you can bring to work. A skills section is significant as it allows you to showcase your unique skill sets and capabilities to hiring managers. In this section, list hard skills, such as the instruments, software and tools required for the mechanic role. You can also mention soft skills, such as communication skills, teamwork and interpersonal skills, that are crucial for mechanics as you may work in a team and deal with customers. Here are some related skills you may include in your mechanic CV:

  • firm knowledge of CODA Engine Analysis

  • specialised troubleshooting and maintenance skills

  • keen attention to detail and problem-solving skills

  • solid communication and interpersonal skills

  • excellent time management and organisational skills

Take some time to understand which skills make you a good fit for the job. Study the job description and identify keywords that the prospective employer is looking for in the right candidate. Create a skills section with the right keywords significant for the company.

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6. Create a detailed work experience section

Your work experience section is the most essential part of your CV. To show your employability skills to employers, it's essential that you create an experience section that includes all the necessary information about your qualifications and work history. Ensure the hiring manager can easily see your career progression so that they know you're constantly improving your skills as a mechanic. These might include part-time jobs, volunteering work or full-time roles. You may consider including some of the below information about your professional experience:

  • mention the name of the company you worked with

  • provide the start and end date of employment

  • list any achievements or accomplishments

  • highlight your responsibilities

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7. Proofread your CV

Before submitting your CV, carefully review it for grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. A well-written and formatted CV can show prospective employers that you pay attention to details and provide high-quality work. You can also ask trusted friends, colleagues, mentors or family members to review your CV and spot any errors that you may have missed. If your CV is more than one page, consider merging or shortening each section by deleting extraneous information or filler words.

Mechanic CV examples

You can reference the below example of a mechanic CV as you write your own:

Paul Wong

8546 0214

Professional Summary

Highly accomplished and enthusiastic mechanic with 10+ years of experience in problem-solving, diagnostic and technical aptitude skills. Looking for a senior position to utilise my skills and experience in this field.


Auto Repair Technician Program
Hong Kong Academy, 2012–2015

Work Experience

Service Manager, July 2019–Current

Wong & Jenkins

  • conducted 500+ preventive vehicle maintenance, such as engine tune-ups, oil changes, and tyre rotations

  • executed repair of 80+ electrical system malfunctions

  • tested functionality of 300+ automobiles by conducting test drives

  • endeavoured to update job knowledge by utilising 75% of educational opportunities

Service Technician, May 2015–Jul 2019

City Ocean Motor Corporation

  • supervised inventory replacement by placing 50% of required orders and confirming receipt of these orders

  • developed 30+ machine**s or mechanical components by using manuals and written instructions

  • provided ongoing training for 8 automotive technicians

  • helped increase customer approval scores by 35% in 8 months

  • peceived best employee of the month award thrice during the period of employment

Auto Mechanic, Jan 2013–May 2015

Ocean Tech

  • improved maximum reliability of 200+ automobiles by conducting maintenance and repairs

  • examined 250+ machines, transmissions and engines for functionality issues

  • worked with team members on correct maintenance measures for 200+ vehicles


  • Associate Degree in Applied Science


Automotive, retail sales, diesel engine repair, customer service, diagnostic technology

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