14 Powerful Resume Words to Impress Your Recruiter

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 15 November 2021

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There are many factors to consider when putting together a good resume. Resume power words help you better highlight and demonstrate your skills and strengths. Understanding how to use these resume power words helps increase the success rate of your resume. In this article, we explore the importance of the best resume words, the top best resume words to use on your resume, top words to avoid on your resume and tips on great word choices for your resume.

Importance of powerful resume words

It's important to understand what resume words are and why they're necessary for your resume. Resume power words are action words you can use to describe your skills, experiences and to portray your confidence, excitement and interest in the advertised position. This technique can increase your chances of progressing in the hiring process. It's common to find job seekers using flowery words and jargon in their resumes, which only confuses employers instead of impressing them. Removing common and overused words and replacing them with these resume power words increases the quality of your resume.

Your resume requires you to describe all your qualifications on one page and with recruiters spending only a couple of seconds on each resume, it's important to make your best effort to maximise the effectiveness of your descriptions and sentences. The benefits of using these resume power words on your resume include:

Improves readability

Employers expect you to use some industry-specific words, but it's also important for people outside your field to understand your resume when reviewing. This is especially necessary as hiring managers spend less and less time reading resumes. These resume power words also help you deliver your information easily, make your descriptions more uniform and help your sentences flow better. It makes your resume easier and more interesting to read.

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Provides varied language

It's easy to repeat verbs in your resume without having a wide array of words to choose from. This can make your resume seem very repetitive. Resume power words help you add variety to your descriptions and responsibilities and it makes for a more compelling read.

Results in more impactful descriptions

It can be challenging to describe your responsibilities in a way that appeals to your potential employer. Resume power words can make your responsibilities and accomplishments stronger and more impactful. It also aids the employer in better understanding your efforts and your potential benefits to their company.

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14 best resume power words to use on your resume

Here's a list of the top 14 power words for resumes:

1. Achieved

This resume power word works best in the work experience section of your resume. It helps explain to the employers what you have accomplished in your previous work positions. It's an action word that convinces the employer of your ability to work and achieve similar and better things if employed in their company.

2. Improved

This resume power word focuses on the positive difference you have made in your previous work positions. Using this word, you can explain how you made a difference and improved an organisation's workflow. Try to use examples of how you contributed positively to your previous workplace. This way, you can impress the recruiter with your achievements.

3. Mentored

This power word helps highlight your managing abilities and experience in that field. They're especially useful when the job you're trying to get involves managing, leading, advising or teaching others. Stating numbers is always a good idea, so state how many people you have trained or mentored in the past. It also proves your ability to work with a group of people.

4. Managed

This power word also shows your ability to lead and manage others. It comes in useful when trying to get various management positions. It also helps to state the numbers of people you have led in the past, especially large groups of people.

5. Created

Aside from looking for employees to follow instructions and carry out their responsibilities, businesses show an interest in candidates that can construct and contribute something to their goals. Thus, try to show independence, initiative and originality to your hiring manager. Whether it's a new software app or a new customer feedback system, it's important to add them to your resume.

6. Resolved

No workplace is perfect. That said, employers try to employ candidates that can help resolve issues in the workplace. You can use this power word to describe various situations where you solved problems in your past work positions. It especially works if you're trying to get a position that involves supervising others, as it shows that you can handle conflict and employ effective solutions.

7. Volunteered

Volunteering is a good way to show your initiative and teamwork skills in the workplace. It shows that even though your employers didn't ask you to do something, you took initiative and helped with a project or task. It also emphasises your genuine interest in the desired field, aside from monetary gain.

8. Influenced

Charisma is a treasured quality in the workplace. Employers are more willing to employ candidates that can encourage and persuade others for the good of the business. This quality is also useful when trying to get jobs that are in direct contact with clients. Using this power word emphasises your achievements and leadership skills to your potential employer.

9. Increased or decreased

Providing specific evidence on the various ways you have added value in your previous workplace can help the employer understand the benefits and value you can add to their company. A good way to do this is to pair this power word with impressive statistics. This works in situations where you can state the amount of money saved, profits generated and customers reached in your previous engagements.

10. Ideas

Employers are always looking for creative and innovative people to add to their company. Using this power word to describe the ideas and initiatives you produced in your past engagements helps them envision you as a part of their team. It's a good idea to go into a detailed description when stating these ideas. For example, you can share how your idea helped solve a problem or achieved success for the company.

11. Launched

This power word shows your ability to start and complete projects. The word is especially powerful to draw your recruiter's attention to successful projects that you initiated. It's important you follow this word with descriptions of these completed projects. You can also state if they were individual or part of a team, as this shows your independence or teamwork skills.

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12. Under budget

Stating projects you completed while under the proposed budget is an impressive achievement that can capture a recruiter's attention. Companies are always looking for more cost-effective ways to complete projects and tasks. Thus, highlighting your ability to work within a budget can help you stand out from other candidates.

13. Redesigned

This power word emphasises your problem-solving skills. It details the various ways you have improved and transformed your previous engagements, resulting in progress, gain and cost savings. These accomplishments and skills help your potential employer envision the benefits you would bring if they employ you.

14. Orchestrated

This power word presents your leadership skills in a confident and authoritative manner. When writing your resume, you can use this word to show the specifics of how you arranged or directed projects or people. It not only draws the attention of the employer but also convinces them of your abilities and skills.

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Top words to avoid on your resume

While there are words that improve the success rate of your resumes, job candidates often overuse some words in their resumes, and therefore, are best for you to avoid. Hiring managers consider them cliché and unimpressive. These include words or phrases like:

  • best of breed

  • go-getter

  • think outside of the box

  • go-to person

  • value add

  • team player

  • hardworking

  • synergy

  • reference available upon request

  • rockstar

  • dabbled

  • on time

  • expert

  • results-oriented

  • responsible for

  • specialised

  • assisted with

Tips on choosing words to include on your resume

While these resume power words are important, it's also essential to know how to use them and other words on your resume effectively. Some tips to follow include:

  • Be specific on your resume. It's best to avoid clichés and overused phrases. Instead, use specific examples to explain your abilities and accomplishments.

  • Consider using keywords. Resume power words can include popular skills in your profession, industry terminology and keywords from your job description.

  • Incorporate statistics to reassert your claims. Powerful examples of your accomplishments and statistics of your positive contributions can convince your potential employer of your experience and abilities.

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