How to Write a Shop Assistant CV (With Tips and Examples)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 1 April 2022

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A shop assistant is a customer-facing role that often works in retail outlets, assisting and selling products to customers. They also help stores by ensuring the smooth running and proper maintenance of the sales floor, such as keeping shelves stocked, preventing shoplifting and preparing displays. If you're interested in starting a career in retail, it may be helpful to know how to write a CV for a shop assistant role. In this article, we discuss how to write a shop assistant CV, explore tips on what skills to include and provide some examples for you to reference when writing your own.

How to write a shop assistant CV

If you're interested in applying for an entry-level retail role, here's a step-by-step guide on how to write a shop assistant CV:

1. Decide on presentation

Before writing any content for your CV, it's essential to decide on the formatting. The format of a CV includes the margins, font, font size and length. As an entry-level role, consider keeping your CV to one page to keep it concise. The commonly accepted range for CV margins is half an inch to one inch. Consider using a font that's easily readable and looks professional.

Common CV fonts include Arial, Calibri and Times New Roman. You can alter font size to adjust the length of the content of your CV to avoid having excessive blank space or an extra page, but keep the font size within 10.5 to 12.

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2. Create a header

It's traditional to include a header at the top of your CV. Include your name, residential address, contact number and email address in the header so the recruiter can follow up with you easily. It's important to write out your full name to avoid any miscommunications with other candidates that have a similar name. Including your full address is usually optional.

If you don't want to disclose your full address, you can consider just including the district, so an employer knows your commute. Ensure you include a contact number you have easy access to, so you minimise the chances of missing any calls from hiring managers. Consider using a professional-looking email address that includes your name.

3. Compose a professional summary

As a shop assistant is an entry-level role, employers hiring for these positions may receive a lot of applications. A professional summary allows you to highlight the key aspects of your qualifications right away. Use two to three sentences to describe the length of your work experience, most relevant skills and traits and your career goals. Crafting a strong summary may entice a hiring manager to study the rest of your CV. If you have limited experience, you can consider writing an objective statement that focuses on what you can contribute and what you hope to achieve in the role.

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4. List out your academic qualifications

Provide a detailed summary of your academic background by including details about the diploma or degree, your area of specialisation and the duration of your study. If you don't have any post-secondary education qualifications, consider adding any extracurriculars you may have done during your secondary studies, such as volunteer work or any social club activities. If you have any notable achievements, consider displaying these in bullet points.

5. Describe your past roles

If you have any work experience, list them out in order of recency, including your job title, name of your employer, period of employment and key responsibilities. If you have a few years of experience, you can consider putting this section ahead of your academic qualifications, as many employers prefer practical experience. As a shop assistant is an entry-level role, including any experience, such as part-time or volunteer work, can be beneficial.

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6. Highlight your key skills

Consider what sort of skills can help you succeed in a customer-facing role. You can also carefully read job descriptions to identify any important specific traits or abilities employers are looking for in candidates. Once you have a list of relevant skills, you can compare them to your own strengths. Ensure to only include skills you possess as hiring managers may test you during interviews through scenario questions.

7. Include a language section

Many employers expect basic fluency in Mandarin, Cantonese and English. If you're able to speak any other languages, you can also add those to the list. List out each language you speak along with a description of proficiency. For example, you can write out English - Conversational. If you have any relevant certifications or academic records of language fluency, you can mention these to validate your proficiency.

8. Proofread your CV

An error-free CV shows recruiters you can pay attention to details. Proofread your resume for spelling and grammar mistakes and to detect any inconsistencies in tone or appearance. Consider asking friends or family for their opinions on any improvements you can make to your CV. It's crucial to get different perspectives to write a CV that best represents your ability to succeed in a shop assistant role.

Tips on what skills to include

Here are some skills you can consider including on a shop assistant CV:


Communication is one of the most crucial skills for shop assistants, as they regularly interact directly with customers. You can list out communication or its component skills, such as active listening, body language and conversation. Active listening is crucial to properly understand each customer's needs, and they may also appreciate being attended to. Understanding body language is a helpful skill, as some customers may not be sociable. Being able to identify basic visual cues can help a shop assistant quickly address any issues.

For example, if you notice a customer is struggling to fit on a shoe and getting frustrated, you can suggest getting a larger size. Shop assistants are also salespersons as you may directly explain and introduce a store's different products to visitors. Being able to start and maintain conversations with strangers can help visitors feel more welcome and more likely to become paying customers.

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As a retail role, you may encounter visitors who have particular needs or are unsure of what they want. For example, a customer may ask about a lot of different products and also have many follow-up questions. It's important for shop assistants to have adequate patience to address the needs of each customer.

Technical skills

A shop assistant's duties may include managing inventory, handling transactions and managing digital displays. Many stores utilise different software to handle retail processes, such as point-of-sale and inventory tracking systems. Many employers prefer candidates that have proficiency in common software and hardware utilised in retail stores.

Sample shop assistant CVs

Here are some sample CVs you can reference if you're applying for a shop assistant role:

Minimal experience

If you've just graduated from high school or university and trying to get an entry-level role for some experience, you can consider referencing this sample CV:

Mia Lai
Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong
2222 2222


Fresh high school graduate with part-time experience interested in gaining relevant skills and experience to start a career in sales.


Diploma of secondary education | July 2021
Central High School

  • Soccer team captain | 2020 - 2021

  • Most hardworking student award | 2020


Part-time worker - Minimum Coffee | July 2020 - September 2020

  • cleaned tables

  • washed dishes

  • accepted deliveries

  • took customer orders


  • active listening

  • patience

  • sociable

  • quick learner


  • Mandarin - Advanced

  • English - Intermediate

  • Cantonese - Beginner

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Some experience

This example CV is for someone who already has a couple of years working in relevant roles and is interested in transferring to a different store:

Richard Lee
20 Queen's Road,
Central, Hong Kong
1111 1111

Professional summary

A passionate salesperson with over three years in customer-facing roles with consistently positive customer feedback. Currently looking to enter the fashion industry to pursue personal passions. Familiar with standard retail software and hardware with strong sales skills.

Work experience

Sales associate - Extended Computers | June 2019 - Present

  • introduced products to customers

  • set up technical advertising displays

  • tracking inventory

  • handling customer complaints

  • average customer feedback rating of 4.76/5.00

Cashier - Infinite Fashion |August 2018 - May 2019

  • handled cash register processing customer purchases

  • processed customer returns

  • tracked daily cash flows

  • advertised shop membership promotions


Diploma of secondary education | July 2018
Hong Kong High School


  • Sales

  • POS systems

  • Inventory management

  • Customer service


  • Cantonese - Native

  • Mandarin - Professional

  • English - Conversation

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