How to Write a Team Player CV in 6 Steps (With Examples)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 29 November 2021

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There are a variety of positions that involve collaborating with other professionals. When applying for jobs, it may be a good idea to use your CV to demonstrate your teamwork skills and experience working in a team-oriented environment. Learning how to create a team player CV can help you show that you're a valuable addition to a team. In this article, we discuss what a team player CV is, explain how you can create one and provide examples of some for you to reference.

What is a team player CV?

A team player CV is a document that provides information about your work experience and skill set, while highlighting your teamwork abilities. Typically, employers consider a team player to be a professional that can collaborate well with team members, provide support to others and contribute high-quality work to the group to help complete projects or tasks. While most CVs mention your teamwork experience and skills, you may want to create a CV that focuses specifically on your ability to flourish in a team-oriented work environment.

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When to use a CV that shows you're a team player

You may use a CV that shows you're a team player when the job listing mentions that a company is looking for a team-oriented professional. A job description may also state that the employer wants a candidate with experience working on a team or who has excellent teamwork or collaboration skills. In these cases, you may want to emphasise your interpersonal skills and demonstrate that you're a valuable member of a team.

While some job descriptions might not state that teamwork skills are a requirement for the role, there are several positions that often involve teamwork. For example, a software developer often works on a software team, so creating a CV that emphasises teamwork skills may be useful in securing that role. Many companies place employees on teams to complete projects, so consider performing research to see if you may benefit from demonstrating your teamwork abilities on your CV.

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How to show that you're a team player on your CV

You can use each section within your CV to demonstrate your teamwork skills and show that you're a team player. Follow these steps to create a CV that showcases these skills:

1. Mention teamwork in your professional summary

Your professional summary is often the first insight that hiring managers gain into your background and qualifications. By mentioning your teamwork skills and experience in your summary, you can introduce yourself by demonstrating that you're a team player. Here are some examples of a professional summary for a team player:

  • Team-oriented sales professional with five years of experience in retail looking to collaborate on a team of sales associates to improve sales and provide high-quality service.

  • Driven technology professional with three years of experience in software development looking to use teamwork and problem-solving abilities to collaborate on a software development team.

2. Provide extracurricular activities that involve teamwork

The next section of your CV details your education, where you may include information about your teamwork experience. If you worked on an important project with a team of peers, you might include information about the project. You can also include information about clubs or organisations you were a part of where you might have worked closely with other club members.

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3. List duties that involve collaboration

A work experience section lists your previous jobs, volunteer work and internships. In this section of your CV, list the duties that you completed in previous positions that involved collaboration. Include details about when you collaborated with other team members, clients or members of management to reach goals and complete tasks. Describe your role on the team and the specific tasks you completed to help the team complete a project or meet a deadline. For example, you may include that you worked as a team member and handled all budget-related items on the project agenda.

It's common to collaborate with professionals that may not be on the same team as you. While you may include duties you completed while on a team, you can also include teamwork duties that involved collaborating with colleagues or other staff members at your workplace. For example, a teacher may collaborate with students or other staff members that might not be in their classroom. Be sure to include several examples of different types of teamwork instead of including teamwork that only involves members of your team.

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4. Provide examples of previous teamwork

Below your work duties, include specific examples of projects you worked on that involved collaboration. You can also include achievements that your team earned, like if you completed a successful project or earned positive recognition. By doing so, you can demonstrate that you thrive in a team environment. This can show hiring managers that you're a helpful member of a team.

Hiring managers may prefer to hire a candidate that can help other team members by providing help and support. Try to provide an example of a time that you led a team or helped other team members. This can show that you're a dedicated team member and that you enjoy working closely with other members. Here are some examples of ways that you can show your teamwork experience:

  • Worked with members of finance department to complete budget project

  • Completed software development project with 10+ team members

  • Provided feedback on team member's performance

  • Assisted colleagues in completing tasks by project deadline

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5. Create a teamwork-related skills section

CVs often contain a section that describes your skill set, which you can use to highlight your teamwork related skills. Provide a bulleted list of skills that help you collaborate and communicate effectively with others. While you may include hard skills that involve industry-related techniques and abilities, try to relate your soft skills to teamwork. Here are some examples of skills that you might include:

  • communication

  • active listening

  • collaboration

  • leadership

  • organisation

  • flexibility

  • adaptability

6. Include keywords

Throughout your CV, try including keywords and phrases that highlight your teamwork skills. In addition, show that you can provide valuable input and support to a team. Here are some examples you can consider including:

  • Team-oriented environment

  • Teamwork

  • Collaborate closely

  • Provide feedback

  • Team player

  • Contributed to the team

  • Coordinated tasks with team members

CV examples for team players

Here are some examples of CVs that focus on a candidate's teamwork abilities:

Example 1

Use this example to help you write your own teamwork CV:

Martha Lo

Professional summary
Motivated educational professional with five years of experience in curriculum development and looking to collaborate with teachers and administration to create curriculum that meets the needs of students.

Work experience
Curriculum coordinator
Pine Local Schools, June 2018-present

  • Collaborate with teachers to determine their students' learning needs

  • Create detailed curriculum for English and math subjects

  • Receive feedback from administration on curriculum content

  • Listen to teacher requests for upcoming curriculum

  • Coordinate tasks among curriculum team

Curriculum specialist
South Schools, July 2015-June 2018

  • Worked on a team of curriculum developers to create useful content

  • Collaborated closely with school administration to create content requirements

  • Contributed to a team that developed 10+ in-depth curriculums per month

  • Received team award for "Best Curriculum" in August 2016

Westend University, 2014
Bachelor's degree in education

  • Member of Westend Education Society

  • Completed thesis project with 5 team members that involved conducting research on learning styles and patterns in students


  • Teamwork

  • Curriculum development

  • Leadership

  • Flexibility

  • Communication

Example 2

Here's another example of a CV that showcases your teamwork abilities:

Howard Yeh

Professional summary
Engineering professional with six years of experience in electrical engineering and looking to provide valuable engineering support and knowledge to a construction team.

Work experience
Electrical engineer
Smith Engineering, December 2017-present

  • Complete commercial and residential electrical engineering projects

  • Collaborate closely with engineering professionals to wire networking systems

  • Work on team of five engineers to repair damaged electrical lines

  • Consult with client to determine their electrical engineering needs

  • Received 25+ positive reviews for excellent customer service

Electrical engineer
Hill Engineering, January 2015-December 2017

  • Repaired engineering infrastructure in residential homes

  • Worked on team of 15 engineers to solve electrical engineering issues

  • Used engineering equipment to install wires and cables

  • Listened to feedback from engineering colleagues

  • Led engineering project that received 5/5 rating from client


East University, 2013
Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering

  • Completed electrical engineering project with 10 team members

  • Member of East Electrical Engineering Organisation


  • Collaboration

  • Problem-solving

  • Electrical installation

  • Teamwork

  • Leadership

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