Writing a Test Engineer Resume (With Template and Example)

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Published 23 May 2022

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A test engineer or quality assurance (QA) engineer inspects and reports on the quality of products and systems throughout their development cycle. Their roles include checking procedures, materials and electrical or mechanical systems to ensure that users receive functional and high-quality products. If you're looking for a job as a test engineer, it's useful to know how to write your resume to highlight your qualifications. In this article, we define what a test engineer resume is, explain what to include in one, describe how to write it and provide a template and example you can use to guide you.

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What is a test engineer resume?

A test engineer resume is a tailored CV written for a professional looking for a job as a test engineer. Their roles include developing processes and methods for testing systems and products to ensure they meet set standards, pass all required safety tests and meet customer specifications. Testing ensures products and systems function properly before they're released to the public. Having a curated resume as a test engineer allows you to showcase your skills, qualifications and experience in a way that makes you stand out to recruiters.

Some of the duties of a test engineer include creating test environments, analysing results and querying the cause of malfunctions and inspecting raw materials and machinery. Skills for this job include technical skills, analytical skills, good communication skills, time management, decision-making and organisational skills.

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What to include in your resume

As you plan to write your resume as a test engineer, you can consider adding the following features to better organise your document:

  • Resume header indicating your personal and contact information: At the beginning of your document, you can add your personal information, such as your name and contact details. This includes your address, telephone number and email address.

  • Summary or objective statement: After your resume header, you can use the following section to give a summary of your work experience up to your current level. If you have little or no work experience, you can use this section to describe your goals and vision for your career as a test engineer.

  • Professional experience: Here you can list your work experience from the latest back to the earliest. You can use this section to highlight the specific roles and responsibilities that best qualify you for the current job you're applying for.

  • Educational qualifications: Here, you can update your education and outline the relevant degrees that you have. The minimum requirement for a job as a test engineer is usually a bachelor's degree in engineering.

  • Skills: In this section, list all the relevant skills that make you a suitable test engineer for the job.

  • Professional and educational references: This section is important because references vouch for you and can give hiring managers the confidence to recruit.

How to write a resume for a test engineer

You can use the steps below to guide you as you build your CV for your job search as a test engineer:

1. Choose an appropriate format

Your resume as a test engineer has a better chance of being picked by recruiters if it has a regular format that's easy to read and straight to the point. To do this, first ensure to indicate your personal and contact information. This way, hiring managers can easily identify and reach you. Next, bold all your headings and use lines to section your resume to make it easy for potential employers to peruse your document and pick out the relevant information they need from each section.

Ensure your resume is short and direct, generally, two pages are sufficient but can be longer if you have more experience. When you've written and edited your document, save it as a PDF to protect it from being tampered with and to preserve its layout.

2. Select a resume type

To strengthen your CV as a test engineer, select the type of resume that best highlights your most relevant information. The three types mostly used are:

  • Chronological resume: This format shows your work experience and education in reverse chronological order. It's a great option if you have plenty of work experience because you're able to highlight your accomplishments.

  • Combination resume: This resume type displays your experience, education and skills. It's a good option if you have a mix of relevant skills and experience.

  • Functional resume: In this type of resume, you showcase your skills more prominently. This may be useful because of gaps in your work history or because you gained the skills in a non-relevant job.

3. Write your objective or summary statement

This section allows you to highlight your work history in a summary form so that it's easy for recruiters to understand your experience and future goals quickly. If your lack work experience, you can use this section to communicate your goals and plans as a test or QA engineer. Keep your statement brief, with a maximum of three sentences. You can use keywords and phrases from the job posting to catch the attention of potential employers.

4. Describe your professional experience

The best way to showcase your professional experience as a test engineer is to list all your previous jobs from your latest position to the first in reverse chronological order. To list your previous work experience, add your basic information, such as the dates you worked, the name of the organisation and a brief description of the tasks and responsibilities you held. You can also add a subsection listing your achievements on the job.

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5. List your relevant education

Here you can list all your relevant education ensuring that you have the minimum degree requirement for the job. A test engineer job generally requires a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering. List any other professional certifications you may have in this section to boost your employability.

6. Indicate your relevant skills

This section allows you to highlight the technical and soft skills you have which are relevant for a job as a test engineer. Technical knowledge of coding programs and statistical software makes your resume look credible. Soft skills such as critical thinking, analytical skills, decision-making and organisation skills complement your experience and character as a potential employee.

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7. List your professional and educational references

In this section, you can list your professional and educational references and their contact details to allow potential employers to reach out to them. Professional references can be your former colleagues or supervisors. While educational references can be former lecturers who taught you and can describe you based on their interaction with you during your studies.

Template for a test engineer resume

Here's a template that you can use to structure your resume when applying for a test engineer role:

[Full name]
[Cell phone number] | [Email address]

Professional summary

[Insert trait] test engineer with [number of years] years of experience and comprehensive technical knowledge of testing environments for software system applications. [Insert trait] in the inspection process to ensure products are in proper condition and working as intended. Firm understanding of [insert skill] to provide accurate status updates and communicate information to software development managers and quality control managers.

Professional Experience

[Job title]
[Company name]
[Company location]
[Start month and year][End month and year]

  • [Job duties 1]

  • [Job duties 2]

Notable Accomplishments

  • [Accomplishment 1]


[Degree name], [School name]
[School location], [End month and year or projected graduation date]

Relevant Skills

[Soft skill 1], [Soft skill 2], [Hard skill 1], [Hard skill 2]

Professional and Educational References

[Reference name]
[Relationship to you]
[Company name]
[Job title]
[Phone number]
[Email address]

Example of a test engineer resume

Below is a sample CV for a test engineer using the above template as a guide:

Lee Chan 2647 1850 | leechan@email.com

Professional Summary

Mid-level test engineer with four years of experience and comprehensive technical knowledge of creating test environments for software system applications. Thorough in my inspection processes to ensure products meet all operational and safety standards and function as intended. Firm understanding of quality control to provide accurate status updates and communicate information with software development managers and quality control managers.

Professional Experience

Test Engineer
XGB Software Co.
Wan Chai, Hong Kong
July 2018–November 2022

  • created test environments for checking the functionality of software applications

  • gave feedback to developers on ways to improve usability of software designs

  • identified system software flaws and collaborated with developers to resolve issues

  • managed software projects while adhering to budgetary guidelines

  • monitored and tested the safety of products to ensure safety of electronic devices

  • coordinated efforts with developers and project managers to ensure design goals met clients' requests

Notable Accomplishments

Assisted in creating a query code to test for malfunctions in software under development

Relevant Skills

Analytical skills, communication skills, critical thinking, detail-oriented, problem-solving skills, application life cycle management knowledge, software development knowledge, quality control knowledge, training procedure knowledge


B.S. in Engineering
Hong Kong First University
December 2017

Professional References

Mr. Kit Wan Lin
XGB Software Co.
QA Manager,
6389 2196

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