50 of the Highest Paying Jobs You Can Apply For

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 20 July 2021

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There are many factors to consider when deciding which jobs to apply for. One common detail that most people pay attention to when finding jobs to pursue is compensation, as earning enough money to support yourself and pay for your lifestyle can be very important. Because of this, it can be beneficial to pursue a career that typically offers high salaries, as this can increase your chances of finding a high-paying job. In this article, we define what a high-paying job is and explore the 50 highest paying jobs you can pursue.

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What is a high-paying job?

A high-paying job refers to any position that pays a salary that's higher than the national average for the job. You can typically find high-paying jobs in almost any industry, but many exist at the mid or senior level of employment. This can mean that some high-paying jobs require a few years of professional experience before you can apply, so they can sometimes act as ways to advance your career. A high-paying job in Hong Kong typically pays over $360,000 per year.

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14 of the highest-paying jobs right now

Here are 14 of the highest-paying jobs you can apply for:

1. Executive director

National average salary: $386,814 per year

Primary duties: An executive director is a high-level professional who oversees operations at an organisation. Executive directors can have many of the same responsibilities as a chief executive officer (CEO), such as developing strategies to improve business, meeting with the board of directors and engaging in financial planning. Most executive directors work at non-profit organisations, but they can also find employment in industries like corporate finance, investment, and trading.

2. Trader

National average salary: $406,863 per year

Primary duties: A trader is a professional in the stock market who organises and processes the purchase of stocks. Traders can recommend trades to clients that can enhance their financial portfolios, purchase and hold stocks until their values increase and sell stocks and bonds for clients. A trader can also act as a financial advisor and guide their clients through managing their finances.

3. Insurance broker

National average salary: $479,959 per year

Primary duties: An insurance broker facilitates communication between customers and insurance companies. Their job can involve meeting with customers to discuss their financial situations, presenting different policies to their clients to review and determining which policies might be most beneficial for each client. Insurance brokers also typically spend time educating their clients about the pricing and coverage of the policies they recommend to ensure their clients make informed decisions about which insurance policies they purchase.

4. Finance manager

National average salary: $516,099 per year

Primary duties: A finance manager helps individual clients take care of their money. Their job can involve reviewing a client's financial records to evaluate their financial standing, making recommendations for investments that can improve their clients' portfolios and developing budgets and strategies that can allow their clients to build wealth over time. Some finance managers work with individual clients, while others find employment at companies and organisations with large finance departments.

5. Optometrist

National average salary: $533,155 per year

Primary duties: An optometrist is a physician who specialises in treating patients' eyes. Optometrists can perform exams on patients to evaluate their eye health, diagnose patients with conditions that affect the eyes and develop treatment plans that can help patients correct or improve their eyesight. An optometrist can also prescribe visual aids, such as eyeglasses or contact lenses.

6. Chief technology officer

National average salary: $596,176 per year

Primary duties: A chief technology officer is a top-level executive who leads an organisation's information technology department. Chief technology officers can oversee an organisation's technology use to ensure everything runs effectively, recommend ways for organisations to update and improve their technology and manage teams of IT technicians and specialists. A chief technology officer can also use their expertise to identify ways to enhance the products or services a company sells.

7. Vice president of business development

National average salary: $669,960 per year

Primary duties: The vice president of business development is a top-level executive who sets goals for a company in sales, marketing and other areas they believe they can improve. Their job can involve meeting with management teams to discuss the financial standing of their company, overseeing sales teams to ensure they meet all sales quotas and finding new opportunities to grow a business, like partnerships and large contracts. The vice president of business development also typically engages in frequent communication with other executives, employees and customers.

8. Physiotherapist

National average salary: $687,344 per year

Primary duties: A physiotherapist, also known as a physical therapist, helps patients who experience limited mobility or pain. Physiotherapists can guide patients through physical exercises that build strength and mobility, develop recovery plans for patients to regain mobility or re-learn how to perform daily tasks and using specialised equipment to stimulate patients' muscles. A physiotherapist can work with patients in many situations, most often those who experience injuries, illnesses and disabilities.

9. Head of marketing

National average salary: $725,472 per year

Primary duties: Head of marketing is a management professional who oversees the marketing efforts within a company or organisation. Heads of marketing can conduct market research to make plans for new marketing campaigns, organise the budgets for marketing projects and delegate tasks to designers and members of the marketing team. The head of marketing can also help with leading special events and product promotions.

10. Data warehouse architect

National average salary: $847,437 per year

Primary duties: A data warehouse architect designs new ways to store and access data. Data warehouse architects can meet with clients to discuss their data management needs, create new solutions for managing data and develop software that can access data from internal or remote storage. A large part of a data warehouse architect's job is typically using software and databases, so data warehouse architects typically have strong expertise in programming and technology.

11. Chief executive officer

National average salary: $926,565 per year

Primary duties: A chief executive officer, or CEO, is often the highest-level executive at a company. Chief executive officers can contribute to key business decisions, oversee the operations of a company to maintain productivity and facilitate communication between the board of directors and other employees. A chief executive officer can also meet with shareholders to share updates about a company's performance and goals.

12. Vice president

National average salary: $928,442 per year

Primary duties: A vice president is a top-level executive at an organisation who reports directly to the president and CEO. The specific job duties that a vice president has can vary depending on the company where they work, but they often have responsibilities like acting as the head of a certain department, facilitating communication between the president and other employees and finding new ways to improve a company. Vice presidents can also attend meetings with the board of directors to make presentations and engage in discussions about the company's operations.

13. Director of operations

National average salary: $947,537 per year

Primary duties: A director of operations supervises all activity at a company or organisation and uses their expertise to inform business decisions. Their job can involve overseeing the daily operations of a company, hire and train management staff and develop standards to implement at companies in order to evaluate and improve their efficiency.

14. Investment banker

National average salary: $1,122,304 per year

Primary duties: An investment banker is a finance professional who develops strategies for companies and organisations to raise money. Investment bankers can offer financial advice to their clients about how they can improve their financial portfolios, issue stocks and bonds to shareholders who purchase shares in a company and help businesses conduct large transactions like mergers and acquisitions.

36 more high-paying jobs

Here are 36 more of the highest-paying jobs you can find:

  1. Head of legal

  2. Chief financial officer

  3. Anaesthesiologist

  4. Chief information officer

  5. Head of human resources

  6. Digital banking director

  7. Paediatrician

  8. Marine manager

  9. Software engineering manager

  10. Director of information security

  11. Data scientist

  12. Senior clinical pharmacist

  13. Corporate controller

  14. Financial planning and analysis manager

  15. Chief marketing officer

  16. Engineering manager

  17. Cloud engineer

  18. Orthodontist

  19. Analytics manager

  20. Vice president of indirect procurement

  21. Nurse practitioner

  22. Physician assistant

  23. General counsel

  24. Corporate counsel

  25. Solutions engineer

  26. Systems administrator

  27. Credit analyst

  28. IT auditor

  29. Optometrist

  30. Site reliability engineer

  31. Physician

  32. Nurse anaesthetist

  33. Underwriting manager

  34. Head of internal audit

  35. Cardiology physician

  36. Ship manager

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