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23 of the Best STEM Jobs in Hong Kong

May 27, 2021

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) jobs focus on the application of technical, analytical, problem-solving and mathematics skills. If you're interested in pursuing a career in a STEM field, consider industries such as healthcare, science and computer technology, research and even manufacturing. These fields can offer complex and challenging responsibilities, ensuring you remain engaged and motivated in your work as a STEM professional. In this article, we explore 23 different STEM jobs to help you determine which field suits you.

What STEM jobs can you explore?

You can find STEM jobs across multiple industries. Here are 23 STEM careers for you to consider:

Average salary: HK$140,235 per year

Primary duties: Pharmacists consult with patients regarding medicines and prepare and dispense medications. Additionally, they apply complex chemical equations to analyse various medical synergies between drugs to better counsel patients and physicians. They may work in private healthcare facilities, hospitals and retail drugstores.

Average salary: HK$217,716 per year

Primary duties: Mathematicians conduct research to develop and understand complex mathematical concepts and apply formulas to help solve problems. These professionals may work for businesses, science agencies, government agencies, engineering fields and healthcare organisations to apply solutions to drive improvement.

Average salary: HK$247,392 per year

Primary duties: Web developers plan and design the layouts, graphics and content for websites and web pages. A web developer commonly uses coding to customise and create online websites for private clients, corporations and nonprofit organisations. Many of these STEM professionals are skilled in coding languages, including HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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Average salary: HK$229,053 per year

Primary duties: Civil engineers design bridges, buildings, road systems and other structures. Many civil engineers work as consultants with architects and design contractors to develop structural plans and integrate production. They can work in the private sector or for government agencies.

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Average salary: HK$273,891 per year

Primary duties: Environmental scientists handle research and analysis regarding the identification, management and elimination of pollutants and hazardous materials that can affect the environment. These professionals are concerned with environmental protection and public health and safety. Although they may often work with government entities, environmental scientists can also consult corporations to monitor a company's environmental impact.

Average salary: HK$311,139 per year

Primary duties: Research analysts gather, organise and interpret data to help businesses and organisations make operational decisions. They can work in various industries, including marketing and sales, economics, finance, accounting, science and medicine.

Average salary: HK$307,444 per year

Primary duties: Information security analysts specialise in the installation and maintenance of security software, such as malware protection and firewalls, to protect computer systems and networks. They find ways to mitigate cyber-attacks and increase the security of corporate databases and company networks. These IT professionals work in a variety of settings, including businesses, financial institutions, healthcare and government entities.

Average salary: HK$319,660 per year

Primary duties: Nuclear engineers are responsible for the research and development of nuclear energy and radiation. These professionals work with radioactive materials to find solutions that can be used in medical and industrial applications, such as medical diagnostic equipment and energy resource applications. In addition to the medical and industrial fields, they can work in other research and manufacturing roles within corporations, educational institutions and government agencies.

Average salary: HK$314,405 per year

Primary duties: Mechanical designers draft sketches and schematics of machine parts, devices and equipment. They work closely with mechanical engineers who turn the sketches and schematics into blueprints used during manufacturing. They can work in a variety of industries, including technology and healthcare.

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Average salary: HK$309,376 per year

Primary duties: Software developers design and build computer programs and often develop applications that allow users to perform specific actions on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Many developers also design and implement backend systems that operate devices or control computer networks. These IT professionals can work for technology companies, organisations with development or maintenance needs or as freelance developers who offer their expertise to clients.

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Average salary: HK$328,861 per year

Primary duties: A biologist is a scientist who specialises in the study of life forms and tests hypotheses that provide insight into how organisms interact with the environment. They can specialise in a wide range of biological specialities, including molecular biology, microbiology and human anatomy. Biologists can work in a variety of settings, including research facilities, universities and healthcare organisations.

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Average salary: HK$328,861 per year

Primary duties: Forensic scientists collect and analyse physical evidence from crime scenes using scientific equipment. They work for law enforcement agencies and other government organisations in conducting criminal investigations. These STEM professionals commonly specialise in either laboratory testing and analysis or crime scene investigation.

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Average salary: HK$337,195 per year

Primary duties: Biomedical engineers design and develop medical devices and equipment such as diagnostic machines, artificial organs and prosthetics. These engineering professionals specialise in the installation, maintenance and repair their biomedical equipment and provide technical support when issues with devices arise. They often work for medical supply manufacturing companies and research organisations.

Average salary: HK$337,195 per year

Primary duties: A chemical engineer specialises in the design and development of the chemical manufacturing process. They commonly perform complex problem-solving using principles of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics to aid in the production of chemicals, medicines, fuel, food and other products. These professionals can work in industries like healthcare research and development, food production companies or government agencies.

Average salary: HK$338,895 per year

Primary duties: A systems engineer is responsible for managing and monitoring the network systems and infrastructure they install. Systems engineers focus on the installation, configuration, testing and maintenance of operating systems, applications, software and systems management tools. They can work in a range of settings and industries, including healthcare, finance, industry and technology.

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Average salary: HK$348,081 per year

Primary duties: Medical technologists also known as clinical laboratory technologists, use complex medical testing equipment to analyse blood and bodily fluid samples that help other medical professionals diagnose, treat and monitor a variety of conditions. They often work in medical research facilities and hospital testing departments.

Average salary: HK$313,941 per year

Primary duties: IT managers implement and maintain an organisation's technological infrastructure. IT managers lead information technology teams to develop and support central information processing systems and ensure the efficiency of data and communications management. They can work in nearly all industries where IT maintenance is required for successful operations.

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Average salary: HK$353,495 per year

Primary duties: Network security engineers are responsible for ensuring the security of corporate computer systems and networks. They develop plans and implement security methods to protect networks and systems from cyber attacks, hacking, natural disasters, infiltration and network intrusion. These IT professionals can work in both the public and private sectors.

Average salary: HK$470,389 per year

Primary duties: Systems analysts are information technology professionals who use analysis and design within technical applications to help businesses solve problems. Systems analysts help business executives analyse data, implement organisational deveopment plans, design tracking systems and train staff members on how to navigate these systems. These professionals work with businesses across multiple industries including sales and marketing, healthcare, finance and accounting, manufacturing and technological fields.

Average salary: HK$427,480 per year

Primary duties: A computer scientist codes software and mobile applications and develops computer and web systems. Computer scientists generally focus on the validation and development of systems that are capable of supporting computer and user interactions. They can work in a variety of industries, including healthcare technology and finance.

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Average salary: HK$409,445 per year

Primary duties: Statisticians apply formulas and analyse complex numerical data to solve problems. Their specific duties may depend on the industry and setting they work in but may include academics, government censuses, manufacturing and design, engineering and healthcare.

Average salary: HK$583,419 per year

Primary duties: Software architects are expert software developers who work with a team of software engineers to implement technical solutions and make executive decisions regarding software design and development. They work with clients, businesses and even government organisations across a variety of industries and technological needs.

Average salary: HK$604,909 per year

Primary duties: An anesthesiologist specialises in administering and monitoring anesthetic medications during surgical procedures. These medical professionals assist in the operating theatres to monitor anesthesia equipment and devices before, during and after surgery. They collaborate with physicians and surgeons to ensure patients receive the right medications that complement medical histories. These professionals typically work in hospitals and surgical centers.

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