13 Types of Sales Jobs (With Salaries and Primary Duties)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 13 December 2021

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Sales is one of the most important revenue-generating operations for companies. People who specialise in sales help organisations create awareness for products and services, increasing engagement and customer interest in a company's offers. If you're interested in a career in sales, it's important to know the different paths you can take to achieve your professional goals. In this article, we discuss the various types of sales jobs that offer good compensation.

13 types of sales jobs

Here's a list of 13 types of sales jobs you can do if you excel at selling things to people:

1. Inside sales representative

Average salary: $13,056 per month

Primary duties: Inside sales representatives communicate with existing customers and prospects to create rapport, build relationships and persuade them to buy a company's offers. These professionals use a wide range of communication tools, including emails, telephone calls and social media to show potential buyers and current customers the features, benefits and unique selling points of products and services. They also close deals, process payments and follow-up with buyers to learn about their experience. Inside sales representatives also develop leads and referrals which the sales team can further exploit and create and implement personal marketing plans.

2. Customer service representative

Average salary: $15,070 per month

Primary duties: Customer service representatives act as a link between companies and their customers. They handle customers' complaints and questions and give them up-to-date information about products and services to aid their decision-making process. Customer service professionals educate customers and prospects about new offers, discounts and handle returns and refunds. They also take orders and provide services to ensure that customers get value for their purchases and remain loyal to the company.

3. Retail sales associate

Average salary: $16,814 per month

Primary duties: Retail sales associates help customers to have an enjoyable shopping experience. Their duties include greeting and receiving customers into the shop and responding to their questions about products. They also educate customers on the features and prices of items and help them choose offers that best meet their preferences and budgets. These sales professionals can also lead customers in the shop, helping them find products on counters and shelves. They may also arrange stock on shelves, monitor people in the shop and clean the shopping floor at the end of their shift.

4. Account executive

Average salary: $16,869 per month

Primary duties: Account executives are salespersons that help businesses serve existing clients. They promote new offers and deals to current customers to persuade them to make a purchase. These professionals also canvass new customers and upsell and cross-sell current clients for increased revenue generation. An account executive often works towards specific revenue targets for commissions.

5. Sales support representative

Average salary: $18,161 per month

Primary duties: Sales support representatives help the sales team work effectively. Their duties include scheduling sales meetings and appointments, answering customer enquiries and following up with orders. They compile lists of leads and generate data to support sales operations. These professionals also monitor key performance indicators to track the performance of sales and marketing campaigns and work with account managers to develop and implement strategies. Their work can involve administrative duties, such as data entry tasks, filing, order processing and general customer services.

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6. Customer success manager

Average salary: $18,256 per month

Primary duties: Customer success managers help clients to get maximum value from their purchases. Their duties can include creating and overseeing client portfolios and analysing customer data for improved service delivery. They can also conduct demonstrations and tutorials to enhance customer experience and resolve complaints and requests. Customer success managers can also provide valuable feedback for the design and product development teams based on the information gathered from their interactions with clients.

7. Sales engineer

Average salary: $20,210 per month

Primary duties: Sales engineers are expert salespersons who use their in-depth knowledge of a company's products or services to educate and persuade customers to buy sophisticated technological equipment. These engineers prepare technical presentations to showcase products or services to customers. They also explain requirements for operating and maintaining equipment to customers. These professionals generate sales leads, negotiate prices, complete orders, oversee deliveries and follow up with clients.

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8. Account manager

Average salary: $21,957 per month

Primary duties: An account manager oversees the business relationship between a company and important clients. They're the first point of contact when clients want to make enquiries about products or services. These managers organise regular meetings with clients to establish expectations. They identify issues customers have with their purchases and take steps to resolve them quickly. Account managers supervise account executives and other salespersons and also provide leads for conversion. Their work can also involve collaborating with other managers to create and implement sales and marketing strategies.

9. Sales operations manager

Average salary: $22,631 per month

Primary duties: The sales operations manager is a professional who performs expert functions to help companies sell their products and services. They create sales funnels and oversee the customer acquisition process from lead generation to deal closing. Sales operations managers use advanced automation tools to collect, analyse and gain insights from customer relationship management data. They can also perform market research, sales forecast and other important duties to gain valuable insights for creating and implementing successful marketing and sales campaigns. These professionals also collaborate with other department heads to advise the management and establish sales goals and revenue targets.

10. Business development manager

Average salary: $24,686 per month

Primary duties: Business development managers serve as a liaison between customers and businesses. These managers research individuals and organisations to find new opportunities for sales. They plan and supervise marketing strategies, identify new markets and develop proposals and quotes for existing clients. Other functions of this role include training and mentoring the sales and marketing teams, attending industry events and working with the press for favourable coverage of company initiatives. These executives can also manage the business development team and collaborate with the product development teams.

11. Sales manager

Average salary: $26,908 per month

Primary duties: Sales managers oversee the sales teams of a company. Their duties can include creating business plans and strategies to achieve sales and revenue targets. They train teams and provide motivation and quality leadership to help them achieve sales goals. These managers also evaluate the performance of individual salespersons and track key performance indicators to assess the success of sales and marketing campaigns. They can also perform competitor research and use customer data to improve engagement, revenue and profits.

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12. Sales director

Average salary: $32,650 per month

Primary duties: Sales directors oversee a company's sales operations. Their primary duties include creating and executing sales campaigns to meet specific revenue objectives. They also develop relationships with customers and prospects and arrange meetings to make it easier for them to buy products and services. These professionals determine the pricing of goods and services, implement the sales budget and recruit, train and onboard salespersons and members of the marketing team.

Sales directors often collaborate with other professionals in the company to determine unique selling points based on customer, competitor and market research. They can also advise the management team on ways to cut costs, improve revenue generation and client acquisition.

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13. Vice president of sales

Average salary: $49,119 per month

Primary duties: The vice president of sales oversees the sales team, defines strategic sales objectives and designs and executes plans for their attainment. Their primary duties include recruiting, training and developing the sales team and creating and managing the sales department budget. They also oversee the promotion of company products and services by supervising the implementation of short- and long-term marketing and sales campaigns. They can create sales training programmes, liaise with other department heads and provide motivation and leadership.

The VP of sales serves as the conduit between the sales teams, management and other company stakeholders. They can represent the company at major public events and report about the progress and challenges facing the sales department to the chief executive officer of the company.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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