How to Write and Send an Interview Reschedule Email

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 10 May 2022

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An interview reschedule email assists you in getting another chance at a potential job. You might be happy about a forthcoming interview with a potential hirer and you have probably made preparations the entire week only for an unforeseen circumstance to prevent you from attending the interview. When such situations arise, ensuring that you inform your interviewers in time can help you maintain a solid reputation. In this article, we elaborate on what an interview reschedule email is, explain the best way to write a rescheduling email and provide pre-written templates and examples for you to follow.

What is an interview reschedule email?

An interview reschedule email is a form of correspondence between the hiring company and the interviewee, with the explicit purpose of rescheduling a job interview for another time. Rescheduling an interview can be easier if you inform the interviewer that you're likely not available to attend the interview as soon as you know. It's highly advisable that you don't cancel a second time, so reschedule strategically. An interview rescheduling email might be from either the interviewee or the interviewer. Below are possible reasons for sending a rescheduling email:

  • emergencies

  • transportation problems

  • unforeseen conflict of schedules

  • a key component of the hiring process is unavailable

  • sickness or injury

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How to write an email to reschedule an interview

Many interviewers understand certain things can reduce a candidate's probability of attending an interview that was already agreed upon. It's necessary to inform your potential employers about changes if they arise. Communicating with them about your inability to attend the interview at the stipulated date and time makes them to see you as a reputable candidate. Here are some steps you can adopt in such a scenario:

1. Try to prevent the situation from occurring

Having the interview at the set time is better than rescheduling. If you're able to go for your interview with the client or company, then do so since most hirers value commitment and professionalism. Avoid sending correspondence to them without first trying to rearrange your schedule to prioritise the interview.

2. Send your email as early as possible

Rescheduling sometimes requires time and effort. By informing the interviewers early, you're giving them ample time to reschedule a new meeting if they wish to do so. They probably originally set up a date for your interview relative to their other itineraries. Informing the interviewer on time can help to protect your reputation as the interviewer might perceive you to be a responsible person.

3. Be sure that the interviewer receives the email

Several reasons might cause hiring managers to miss certain emails. For instance, they might have a full email inbox and a busy schedule that prevents them from checking their inbox at that particular time or day. Remember to communicate with them afterwards by either giving them a phone call or texting them to confirm that they got the message you sent.

Sometimes, you might call the interviewer if you don't get a reply to the text you sent. Remember that the goal is to inform the hiring company about your unavailability before the date of the interview approaches.

4. Be concise in your explanation

When giving your reason for your unavailability to attend the interview, avoid giving long explanations. Be specific about why you wish to set another date such that the interviewer understands the situation. Reassure them that you want to attend the interview, answer the interview questions and prove that you're an excellent candidate for the job. Ensure you apologise for the change in circumstances.

Be strategic with your explanation, you might not mention every detail of the situation but ensure you are truthful because interviewer might be able to predict a lie. This can improve the probability of you getting another chance at the interview.

5. Propose a new time for the interview

The hiring manager sees this as your desire to get another chance to have an interview with the company or client. When you propose a new time to reschedule, do so as a question, not a statement, and give multiple options of days and times in case the employers aren't available for your first-choice date and time. Mention dates that can work with your schedule to avoid back-and-forth emails. If some dates are inconvenient for you probably because of the situation at hand, state it clearly in the email.

6. Try to be accommodating

There's a chance that hiring managers might not be able to change their schedules to suit yours. For proper rescheduling, being accommodating and compromising regarding the new date and time is very necessary. Accept the new date of the interview with gratitude and enthusiasm. If they pose to you a list of different dates and times, try to pick the earliest date to show your commitment and excitement.

7. Apologise

Apologise for the inevitable inconvenience your rescheduling email might cause them. Tell the hiring manager you understand the importance of being punctual and that some circumstances are preventing you from attending the interview. Also, mention that you realise the extra work your rescheduling is placing on them by making this request and make a commitment to not miss the new set date.

8. Be grateful

Show your gratitude to the interviewer or hiring manager for helping and accommodating you in advance. Let them also realise that you're grateful for their response to your rescheduling message. Being grateful might cause the interviewer to see you in a positive light.

9. Get confirmation of the new date and time

When you get a reply from the interviewer informing you about the new date and time for your meeting, quickly respond to them. Tell them how excited and grateful you are to get another chance. If you have a question regarding the interview or need to clarify something, include it in your response mail.

10. Don't miss your rescheduled interview

At the new opportunity, ensure you don't miss the interview. Ensure that all necessities you need for a successful interview are in place. Also, join the interview promptly and show the interviewer that you're prepared for the interview. At the beginning of the interview, be sure to thank them for granting you the rescheduling opportunity.

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Email template and example for rescheduling an interview for candidates

You can use this email template to reschedule a new date with a client or company:

Dear [Name of interviewer],

I am emailing you to inform you of my inability to attend the interview we scheduled for [the full date and time]. Please be aware that I am very eager to meet you and answer your questions to prove I am a suitable candidate for the job. I am very sorry for any inconvenience this might cause your schedule.

I can't attend the interview because [your reason for not being able to attend], but I hope you can consider meeting me at another time that best suits your schedule. Do any of these times suit you?

  • [List some dates and times]

I look forward to your reply and I hope we can reschedule a time for the interview. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

[Your name]

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Email example 1

Here's an example of an email a candidate may send to a hiring manager to reschedule an interview:

Dear Mr Wong,

This email is to inform you that I am unable to make it for the interview on September 10 by 8:00 a.m. Although I have long awaited this interview, I can't attend because I have an unforeseen family emergency and I hope you can give me an opportunity to reschedule this interview. I am available anytime from September 20 onwards. Sorry for the inconvenience. I am aware that this change might cost you some time and energy. I am still grateful for this opportunity and eager to meet you.

Thank you for your understanding.


Tom Chan

Email example 2

Here's another example of an email rescheduling an interview:

Hi Mrs Tang,

Thank you for selecting me for the interview slated for Thursday, July 3 at 8:30 a.m. Unfortunately, I got into an unexpected situation and I wish to reschedule the interview. I still want to meet you and answer all your questions. Can we reschedule the interview between July 20 and 25? I can adjust my schedule if those dates are not convenient for the organisation and I apologise for the inconvenience.

Thank you.

Janet Lam

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