Guide to Marketing Case Interview Questions (With Examples)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 23 May 2022

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Case interviews are a popular interviewing strategy that companies use to examine your skills and abilities using real-world scenarios. This enables recruiters to know whether you're a good fit for the company based on your in-depth knowledge of business marketing and how you may handle various situations as a professional. Learning about the kinds of case interview questions recruiters ask and how you can respond may be beneficial for you during your job search. In this article, we define what marketing case interviews are and list frequently asked interview questions with sample responses.

What is a marketing case interview?

A marketing case interview is a job interview where you're asked specialised questions about how you might handle real-world business situations that may arise. Interviewers create different scenarios in the marketing field, such as how to handle a dissatisfied client, so that you can explain how to address the situation and why you might use certain methods over others.

Interviewers ask these questions to gauge your communication skills, problem-solving skills and customer service skills. Generally, there are three main types of marketing case-based questions. These are:

  1. Open business questions: These questions help you gather more information on various situations. For example, a recruiter may ask, "Which of our business franchises is most profitable?"

  2. Specific business questions: Recruiters may ask questions about specific aspects of the business to assess your understanding of the business. For example, an interviewer may ask, "One of our shops is facing a slowdown in traffic and sales. What would you suggest we do to reverse this?"

  3. Presentation questions: Here, interviewers may ask you to create a presentation for a panel of expert interviewers. For example, you might create a presentation on how a business can conduct an online marketing campaign to launch a new product.

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8 sample marketing case interview questions and answers

The following are sample questions and answers to guide you as you prepare for an interview:

1. A company has asked you to design a new marketing campaign for them. What is the first thing you would do?

Interviewers ask this question to see whether you know how to run a successful marketing campaign. In your response, give details that show your knowledge and experience in developing marketing campaigns.

Example: "The first thing I would do is assess the company and their current marketing strategy. I would look at what's working, what I can tweak or improve and try to figure out the target audience. Once I have a good understanding of the company and its target market, I would brainstorm ideas for the new campaign and develop a draft of appropriate marketing concepts which I would discuss with other marketing team members."

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2. Give an example of a time when you had to think on your feet to solve a problem.

Here, recruiters want to gauge your problem-solving skills, creativity and ability to think fast when a situation occurs. You can respond by describing a time you successfully handled a problem and helped the business avoid losses or inconveniences.

Example: "In my previous role, there was a time we held an event to bring in new investors. On the day of the event, the camera crew we hired to take photos for our social media pages failed to show up. I quickly walked to the photo studio directly across from our business and requested them to help us take photos of our event. Luckily, they had a photographer available and we were able to take great pictures of the business event that day."

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3. Describe a time when you had to manage a difficult or challenging customer situation.

An interviewer may ask this question to assess your customer service skills. As you answer, make sure you address the situation that shows that you value the customer and want to give them a good experience.

Example: "I once worked with a client who kept changing their requests throughout the project we were working on. Eventually, I had to communicate to the customer that continuously changing the project may result in a substandard end product. I politely discussed the project with the client and helped them understand why we didn't advise making too many amendments. The customer then allowed us to proceed and was happy with the outcome of the project."

4. What would you do if you received negative feedback about your company on social media?

Interview panels pose this question to check how professional you are as you handle a social media page on behalf of a company. In your answer, you can highlight different ways to appreciate followers for their feedback, apologise for any inconveniences and communicate that the company will review the negative feedback and act on it appropriately.

Example: "If I receive negative feedback on social media, I would first respond by appreciating the customer for making us aware of their dissatisfaction and apologise for the inconvenience. I would then let them know that we are reviewing the feedback and will respond to them with a solution in a specified amount of time."

5. How would you deal with a situation in which you were unable to meet a client's expectations?

Interviewers ask this question to see how well you can communicate with clients where the business cannot meet their product or service needs. Here, you're required to display your communication skills.

Example: "When we're unable to meet a client's expectations, I would first apologise to them for the inconvenience and then try to explore alternate options that we can provide which may suffice for them."

6. Give me an example of a time when you had to manage a budget.

Here, a recruiter wants to know if you have management skills and integrity. You can describe how well you managed the finances you were in charge of.

Example: "In my previous experience, I was in charge of the marketing budget for my team. I managed it by listing all the areas where we needed finances and I gave weekly reports on the usage of those finances. This way, I was able to grow my previous team's budget by nearly 40%, allowing us to increase the number of marketing projects we were doing in the company."

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7. Describe a situation where you had to create a presentation on behalf of your company.

A recruiter asks this to test your skills in creating a presentation that represents the company's products or services. You can answer by describing presentations you've done before, highlighting your knowledge in marketing pitches to various clients.

Example: "I have previously done several presentations on behalf of my marketing manager and as a representative of my team. This allowed me to develop key skills, which I apply when creating presentations and market pitches to new or potential clients. Once I had the task of creating a marketing presentation on behalf of the company to present to investors. I created a brief but informative slide show with the relevant facts and figures, highlighting the benefits of the venture we were proposing. The investors were very impressed with the presentation and agreed to fund the new project."

8. What would be your approach to introducing a new product to a foreign market?

Interviewers ask this to find out if you have any experience with international market campaigns and to gauge your ability to spot the benefits and risks of introducing a product in a different country. In your response, consider how the production of the company's product may change or affect the quality of the product, the laws to follow and which strategies may work to market the product successfully.

Example: "I would begin by conducting in-depth market research in the foreign country to identify a target demographic for our product and analyse the local competition for our product. Next, I would develop a marketing concept that would appeal to the local market, conducting a test run to gather information and gauge their initial response."

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