How To Write a Resignation Letter for Personal Reasons

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Published 9 August 2021

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At some point, you may need to resign from a job, therefore it's important that you leave on a positive note. A resignation letter serves as your formal notice to your employer when you're separating from the company. Sometimes, unexpected personal events happen, and while not ideal, it's still possible to depart with grace. In this article, we discuss the importance of writing a letter of resignation when leaving for personal reasons, what to include in one and offer effective samples to help you write your own.

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What is a resignation letter for personal reasons?

As a letter of resignation is a written notice of your separation from the company, a resignation letter for personal reasons addresses your personal matters for quitting a job. It's standard procedure to provide this letter one month before your last day of work. This notice gives the employer time to find a replacement, complete any necessary exit procedures and prepare your final paycheck.

Why are resignation letters important?

When you decide to resign from your job, it's important to remain diplomatic and professional since you might depend on the employer as a reference for your character in a future job search. A key element of this etiquette is to provide a written letter of resignation with a projected last day of work at least two weeks in advance.

You don't need to disclose your reasons for leaving unless you feel comfortable doing so. Typically, it's a standard legal protocol for employers to ask for a reason, but it's not required for you to provide one.

Personal reasons vs. professional reasons

An employee may leave a company for any reason, however, there is a difference between leaving for personal reasons and leaving for professional reasons. Professional reasons may include:

  • Time off to attend graduate school

  • Accepting a different job offer

  • Pursuing a new career path

Personal reasons for resigning may include:

  • Time off to care for a family member

  • Moving to a new city

  • Leaving for health issues

  • Personality doesn't align with company culture

  • Caring for a new child

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What to include in a resignation letter

It's important to include a few key elements in a letter of resignation to ensure that the employer has all the relevant information. Include the following elements:

Statement of intent to resign

Your letter should immediately state the fact that you're resigning. Reference a template or example to help you clarify your statement, keep it concise and remain on topic. Include a statement of intent so there is no confusion about the purpose of the letter.

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Last day of employment

This important detail should always be in a resignation letter. Adding your expected last day of employment gives the employer and your team enough time to prepare for your absence. It keeps the employer accountable to assist you with closing out your projects so that the process of departure goes smoothly.

Thanks to your manager/employer

Resigning diplomatically includes granting a word of thanks to your employer, especially if you've learned and grown your skill-set during your time with the company. Expressing gratitude shows grace and respect. A statement of thanks helps maintain a positive relationship, so you can stay connected with the employer after leaving.

Offer to assist with the transition

While this part is optional, letters of resignation often contain an offer to help in the transition by finding or training a replacement. This is an excellent way to end your employment on a respectable note. It shows that you're willing to help prepare the company for your absence.


A letter of resignation should include your personal contact information formatted formally. Be sure to address the employer by name. Sign the letter with your name and add a date for reference.

Resignation letter template

Here's a resignation letter template you can use to explain your personal reasons for resigning from your current position:

[Your name]
[Your phone number]
[Your email address]

[Employer's name]
[Job title]
[Company name]

Dear [employer or HR representative],

I regret to inform you I plan to leave [company name] in one month's time due to personal reasons. Because of these personal circumstances, I cannot continue to complete my job duties. My last day of work is [date].

Please let me know what I can do to help prepare for my absence. This was a challenging choice to make, and I hope it doesn't inconvenience you, my team or the company.

I am very grateful for the time I've spent at [company name]. I've learned valuable skills and I hope we can remain in touch. Thank you for your understanding.

[Your name]
[Your signature]
[Job title]
[Company name]

Sample resignation letters

The specific formatting of your letter may change based on how you send it or how soon you need to leave your position. Select the method that best aligns with your particular employment situation. Here are samples of letters of resignation:

Resigning with one month's notice

If you find out well in advance that your personal circumstances interfere with your work, alert your employer as soon as possible. Here's an example of a letter that gives over one month's notice:

Deborah Chung
+852 4756-2935

15 August 2021

Mr Vincent Yuen
Head of human resources
Market Strategies, Inc.

Dear Mr Yuen,

I regret to inform you I plan to leave my position as marketing coordinator at Market Strategies, Inc. in 30 days from the date of this letter. I no longer feel I can complete my job duties because of unforeseen personal circumstances that require my full attention. My final day of work is 15 September 2021.

I am grateful for the opportunities this company afforded me in my time working here. I learned valuable skills such as time management and teamwork. I'm happy to help with preparations for my replacement to ensure that my team can be successful. Thank you for understanding.

I wish you and my co-workers at Market Strategies, Inc. all the best. Thank you for your time.


Deborah Chung

Letter with two weeks' notice

Even though most employers require one month's notice, circumstances occur that prevent you from knowing a month in advance. This is a sample letter that provides two weeks' notice to the employer:

Jason Lei
+852 9472-3489

3 July 2021

Rachel Su
Director of sales
Enhanced Technology

Dear Ms Su,

Please accept this letter as my formal resignation. In two weeks from the date of this letter, I am resigning from my position as a sales associate at Enhanced Technology. I received prior approval from the human resources department to depart with two weeks notice. There are personal circumstances that require my full attention that prevent me from continuing in this role. I have chosen not to disclose the details of these circumstances, and I hope you understand. My final day of work is 17 July 2021.

I've enjoyed working for Enhanced Technology, and I hope to remain connected after I leave. Thank you for the knowledge and skills I've gained in this role. I plan to complete all my duties to date. Please allow me to help with finding a replacement before my last day of work.

I wish Enhanced Technology all the best in the future.


Jason Lei

Letter with no notice

If you're unable to provide a one month's notice, it's still important to submit an official letter to your employer. Here's an example of a letter with no advance notice:

Robert Chao
+825 3946-3245

1 October 2021

Molly Yeung
Director of health services
Healthcare International Clinic

Dear Ms Yeung,

Please accept this letter as my formal resignation as a nurse practitioner at Healthcare International Clinic, effective immediately. I regret to inform you that urgent personal circumstances beyond my control prevent me from the ability to continue in this position. Please accept my sincere apologies that I could not provide a one month's notice. My last day of work is 5 October 2021.

Thank you for the time I've had at the clinic. I am so grateful for all that I learned. The experiences I had while working here shaped my professional growth, and I appreciate the support you've provided during my time.

I can commit to doing what I can to finish my current projects and prepare for someone to take my position. I wish you and the staff at Healthcare International Clinic the best of luck in your future endeavours.


Robert Chao

Resigning via email

If you must send your resignation via email, use professional formatting. Here's an example:

Subject line: Formal resignation from David Leung

Dear Ms Chow,

This is my formal resignation from my position as the human resources associate at Initiative Family Practice. My last day of work is 15 March, one month from today.

I am deeply thankful for the time I've spent at Initiative Family Practice. Thank you for supporting and encouraging me in this role.

Please alert me to anything I might do to help prepare the company for my departure. I'll miss being a part of this organisation and I hope to stay in touch. You may reach me at my personal phone number email address, provided below.


David Leung
+825 3972-4398

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